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Stellar Revelations

You learn your first stellar revelations (black hole and supernova) at 1st level, and learn an additional revelation at 2nd level and every 2 levels thereafter. Stellar revelations require you to have a minimum level, and are organized accordingly. Additionally, each is marked with a symbol that indicates whether it is a graviton revelation or a photon revelation; these symbols appear above.
Graviton Revelation
Photon Revelation

Cosmic Ray (Su)

Source Starfinder #41: Serpents in the Cradle pg. 52
Level Required 6
A rapidly spinning pulsar casts out subatomic particles, constantly shooting high-energy cosmic rays into space; you’ve learned to control these cosmic rays and wield them in battle. As a standard action while you are attuned or fully attuned, you can shoot a ray of high-energy particles at a single target within 120 feet, making a ranged attack against its EAC. On a hit, your target is exposed to medium radiation (Core Rulebook 404). At 12th level, your cosmic ray exposes the target to high radiation instead, and at 20th level, your cosmic ray exposes the target to extreme radiation.
Once you use this revelation, you can’t use it again until you rest for 10 minutes to regain Stamina Points.