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The Iron Thrall of Hell

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 465
Location Near Space
Diameter x3/4; Mass x9/16; Gravity x1
Atmosphere Normal
Day 18 hours; Year 1 year

Like a geode, the planet Embroi shimmers violet in the void, a place of quiet complexity and efficiency. Six continents divide the planet’s amethyst seas, which are the domains of countless species of massive, regal mollusks. Girded by archipelagos, these landmasses are called Antikawara, the Baskar Expanse, Chapru Von, Demagallo, Irralo Kellad, and Kanfrei. The Baskar Expanse is the largest but least populated, a land of ruins, ash storms, and plague—all remnants of the barely remembered but much-maligned Baskar States. Most of the world’s population dwells on either Demagallo, the capital-continent, or Irralo Kellad, a land of iron mountains and factory-wrought boreholes.

The mask-faced Embri are the dominant race, cleaving to their places in society and daily regimens with near religious fervor. Individual desires are disruptions that, over centuries of cultural repression and societal scripting, have been quashed. There are few freethinking Embri on the planet and no rebellion or even quiet resistance. Each Embri has a role, and it either performs it well or is replaced. They do as they are instructed and are rewarded with paltry comforts and hollow promises, making Embroi a particularly valuable slave world in Hell’s Material Plane empire.

Few residents, and even fewer visitors from the Pact Worlds, realize that Embroi is a fiefdom of Hell. The diabolical population exists only in the planet’s shadows, and overt infernal influences remain minimal. Knowledge of the world’s vast network of underground thoroughfares has been erased from Embroi’s histories. This nether realm is now the domain of quiet levaloch armies; burning portals to Malebolge, the sixth layer of Hell; and scab-encrusted sacrifice machines. Over it all watches the victorious malebranche Occhiorasoi, who conquered Embroi before the onset of the Gap. Now she waits, as she has for eons, ever prepared for her world to contribute to Asmodeus’s unknown immortal designs.

Aliens found at Embroi

Embri - CR 3; Medium aberration
Embri Speaker (Embri) - CR 10; Medium aberration