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Paradise Turned Wasteland

Source Starfinder #21: Huskworld pg. 40
Location The Vast (Chuuva)
Diameter x9/10; Mass x4/5; Gravity x1
Atmosphere Normal
Day 1 say; Year 1 year

When the shirrens surveyed the Chuuva system, they recognized Ilemchuuva as an ideal planet for a permanent settlement. The world has stable flat plains along with cool and consistent weather. These factors made for easy agriculture. Over the centuries since, shirrens built huge cities on Ilemchuuva, each with a substantial population of other species, particularly humans and hive-independent formians.

After the Swarm’s devastating attack, Ilemchuuva has become a desert planet with acidic rain, extensive heavy metal contamination, and unprecedented levels of tectonic activity. The Swarm harvested the plentiful resources of the planet with no concern for the repercussions. This devastation exceeded the destruction the Swarm wreaks on most planets. The predators have taken advantage of the once mild surroundings to make an extended occupation and wring everything possible from Ilemchuuva. What they will one day leave is a changed world that can never truly recover.

Ilemchuuva bears the following sites.

Chatchamiq Station: Ilemchuuva’s silicate moon, Chatchamiq, hosted a small settlement called Chatchamiq Station. While the outpost wasn’t destroyed during the Swarm attack, its inhabitants joined the war effort. Now, the station sits abandoned, except for a handful of mindless robots repeating their preprogrammed tasks without pause. The outpost could be a source of plentiful unused gear if a brave group could bypass the building’s security and convince the robots they are supposed to be there.

Swarm Resource Mound: A massive structure resembling a city-sized termite mound marks the site where the Swarm has stockpiled resources extracted from Ilemchuuva until Swarm starships can come to retrieve them. The resources are categorized and compartmentalized, so finding valuable deposits is only a matter of surveying the site. Even a portion of this stash could be worth a staggering sum if someone were willing to stage such a daring heist. Someone from Chatchamiq Station might be the source of this bizarre plan, especially if the station is running low on a vital resource.

Zessh University: This academic facility in the city of Uudz hosts a disproportionate amount of Swarm activity. For more information, see page 20 of Starfinder #21: Huskworld.