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Planetary Amusement Park

Source Starfinder #47: Nightmare Scenario pg. 62
Location The Vast
Diameter ×2; Mass ×2; Gravity ×1
Atmosphere Normal
Day 30 hours; Year 2 years

Joyview-5 is the latest GEC (Global Entertainment Charter) from Vast Entertainments, a subsidiary of AbadarCorp. AbadarCorp purchased the GEC pioneer company to expand its reach and experiment with different forms of entertainment outside core audiences in the Pact Worlds.
GECs are planetary amusement parks. These self-contained worlds are terraformed, monitored, and designed to be aesthetically pleasing and safe for guests. GECs host thousands of recreational activities, rides, petting zoos, and enhanced reality experiences. After several incidents with early GECs, Vast Entertainments has improved their response to problems such as uncooperative petting zoos and unforeseen environmental hazards. An improved iteration of the patented AI MaxJoy—recognizable from a robust commercial campaign proclaiming its signature motto, “Fun is my primary objective!”—controls everything on Joyview-5, shifting climate settings and directing organic and robotic park performers to peak performance. Millions of guests trust MaxJoy to deliver a joyful experience at all hours of Joyview-5’s cycle, year-round.
MaxJoy operates out of a series of underground stations, staff housing, and transportation tubes built for maintenance access, collectively known as Control. The AI is practically omniscient on Joyview-5 thanks to monitoring equipment built seamlessly into all park features that connects back to Control. MaxJoy oversees three global zones: Gameon, Elsewhere, and the Wilds. Each is an entire continent offering a unique, immersive experience to guests.
Gameon is built like a traditional amusement park. Guests enjoy live-action video games and thrill rides, all perfectly integrated into Joyview-5’s natural features. Gameon’s retro arcade is a major attraction, as is its annual StarFist Battle 6 fighting game tournament.
Elsewhere is a fantastical world of dragons, unicorns, and glittering castles. Visitors explore its charming villages and enchanted forests as observers or engage in a massively multiplayer enhanced reality roleplaying game (MMERPG). Some attendees become so invested in this other world that they pay a premium to live there in-character year-round. Counseling services are available to help long-term MMERPG players transition back to their lives when they’re ready.
The Wilds contain enhanced reality scenarios in which visitors can explore amazing environments, from treacherous mountains to sun-blasted deserts. Though the environments are real, MaxJoy deploys staff to monitor guests’ health and needs, planting supplies or altering weather conditions as needed to avoid injuries. Accidents still occasionally occur, necessitating that visitors sign a series of waivers before entering the Wilds.
Recently, the Drift Crash trapped tens of thousands of park visitors on Joyview-5. Strained to its limits providing for guests without regular supply deliveries, MaxJoy has struggled to perform its primary objective. Groups in the Wilds became stranded when MaxJoy diverted power away from climate controls to food production. Gameon has devolved into a free-for-all competition for in-game currencies now used to buy food and essentials. Residents of Elsewhere are losing touch with reality. Joyview-5’s fun atmosphere has shifted to desperation as park-goers fight to survive.