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Remote World of Industry and Farmland

Source Starfinder #19: Fate of the Fifth pg. 62
Location The Vast (Suskillon)
Diameter x1; Mass x1-1/4; Gravity x1
Atmosphere Normal
Day 26 hours; Year 298 days

The fifth planet from its system’s sun, Suskillon features a diverse range of biomes and plentiful resources. Two major continents in opposing hemispheres, known as Alappu Major and Alappu Minor, make up the majority of the planet’s land. Oceans account for the rest of the planet’s surface, with thousands of basalt rocky island archipelagos speckled between the mainlands. The northern reaches of Alappu Major are a large semiarid desert, while the rest of the massive continent features plains, rolling hills, and mountain ranges. The most notable geographical feature of Alappu Minor is a massive freshwater lake known as the Stone Sea, which surrounds a dormant volcano. The lake gets its name from the billions of pieces of pumice stone that float on its surface.
Due to the tilt on Suskillon’s axis and the ecliptic orbit it follows around its sun, every few years the planet experiences radical weather patterns. Known locally as “Dry Summers” and “Dead Winters,” these two seasons last a couple of extra months and present more extreme temperatures. The planet is home to a diverse ecosystem, from the scavenging Aluppan dart weasel to the deadly brush stalker. Much like grasses on other worlds, Suskillon trees have thick trunk-like stalks and inner cavities that collect rain water.
Sapient life evolved on Suskillon millennia ago and has long since adapted to the planet’s unusual weather patterns. Humans make up the vast percentage of the population and have spread across the entirety of the planet. All are citizens of a worldwide democracy that was formed at some point during the Gap, with a governing body consisting of a president, a forum of magistrates that interpret major legal decisions, and regional governors who meet on a yearly basis to discuss policy. The seat of this government is in the capital city of Brinnoa on Alappu Major. The remainder of Suskillon is divided into a few large megaplex cities, agrarian farming regions, mining facilities, and the occasional spaceport.
Shortly after the Gap, several thousand members of the shirren race were welcomed on Suskillon during their flight from the Swarm, bringing the worship of Hylax with them to the region. While the rest of the shirren continued with their exodus, the immigrants who settled on Suskillon quickly integrated into the planet’s society and have grown to make up about 18 percent of the current populace. In 87 ag, explorers from the Pact Worlds, directed by descendants of the shirrens who passed through that system, made peaceful contact with Suskillon. To this day they remain trading partners with strong diplomatic ties, and some citizens of the Pact Worlds and the Veskarium have since migrated to Suskillon (and vice versa). However, they have yet to enter a formal alliance.
Over the past 2 centuries, Suskillon’s civilization has begun to expand further into the system, colonizing the system’s third planet Utraneus and setting up scientific research facilities on various moons. To combat the threats of pirates and other interstellar dangers, the once-terrestrial Suskillon Defense Force, or SDF, has since branched out into space. The SDF’s Space Corps has been tasked with the responsibility of defending the planet and its outlying interests and is the most prestigious posting of Suskillon’s military.