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Ampoule Expertise (Su)

Source Galactic Magic pg. 19
You’ve discovered how to create specialized spell ampoules using ingredients in your custom microlab. Your selection of spell amps is limited to a number of spells equal to 3 + half your biohacker level; these spells must fulfill all the requirements for a spell amp as detailed on page 224 of the Starfinder Core Rulebook. These spells comprise the list of spell amps you can create with this ability. Each time you gain a biohacker level, you can swap out one spell on this list for another spell that qualifies. Whenever you gain an even‑numbered biohacker level, you also select one additional spell to add to your list of spell amps.
The first time each day that you create your biohacks, you can create two 0-level spell amps and one 1st-level spell amp from your list. At 8th level, you also can prepare one 2nd-level spell amp from your list. Your spell amps are highly experimental and provide a benefit only when either consumed by you or when an imbiber also spends 1 Resolve Point as part of the action to consume the spell amp. You can inject these spell amps as though they were biohacks, though you must expend 1 Resolve Point and a biohack to do so.