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Mycelium Network (Ex)

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 35
Once per day, you can instantly generate an instinctive communication network between you and your allies via an underground biological network.
While in an environment with soil or similar semi-loose ground (at the GM’s discretion), or while underwater, you can take a standard action to seed a rapidly growing network of mycelium that connects you to your allies until the end of combat, at which point it withers away. Any allies who are and remain in contact with the same ground or water as you are considered connected allies; the network provides several benefits to you and any connected ally.
  • You and connected allies you can see gain the unflankable universal creature rule.
  • You and connected allies can communicate basic information without speaking; this is generally limited to single-word instructions such as “wait,” “retreat,” or “attack.”
  • The first time you or a connected ally must attempt a saving throw, you or that ally can use the highest available saving throw bonus available to any connected ally. Connected allies whose turn it isn’t can’t use actions to increase this bonus, with the exception of reactions that would otherwise be available.