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Vehicle Modifications

Source Tech Revolution pg. 80
Though countless vehicle makes and models exist throughout the universe, it's the modifications that make each vehicle truly unique. From turbo-boosted speedsters to adamantine-plated luxury hovercars, well-selected modifications turn dependable vehicles into perfectly augmented tools as diverse and unique as those that pilot them.

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Additional Seating1115
Smuggler’s Compartment, Mk 12525
Personnel Enclosure2750
Emergency Chute2850
Wheel Scythes21,350
Enhanced Sensors, Mk 131,200
Temperature Regulator31,200
Weapon Mount31,350
Adamantine Plating, Mk 131,500
Terrain Adaptation41,825
Hover Drive42,050
Deflective Field, Mk 142,100
Grav-Nav, Mk 152,900
Precision Brakes52,950
Nanite Node, Mk 153,100
Repulsor Nodes, Mk 164,200
Pilot Assist, Mk 164,400
Smuggler’s Compartment, Mk 275,700
Turbo Boost76,500
Boarding Clamp76,750
Smoke Screen88,500
Slide Drive88,700
Ramming Prow, Mk 188,900
Collision Dampeners89,100
Stealth Module913,000
Adamantine Plating, Mk 2914,000
Deflective Field, Mk 21018,000
Nanite Node, Mk 21018,750
Smuggler’s Compartment, Mk 31232,000
Grav-Nav, Mk 21235,000
Extradimensional Storage1350,000
Repulsor Nodes, Mk 21350,000
Ramming Prow, Mk 21351,000
Pilot Assist, Mk 21352,000
Electrified Hull1475,000
Nanite Node, Mk 315110,000
Smuggler’s Compartment, Mk 417220,000
Ramming Prow, Mk 318385,000
Enhanced Sensors, Mk 219540,000
Adamantine Plating, Mk 320800,000