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Wheel Scythes - Level 2

Source Tech Revolution pg. 83
Price 1,350
This modification lets you integrate a basic or advanced melee weapon into the vehicle, added or removed when you install or remove the modification. When you install a wheel scythes modification, choose two contiguous sides of the vehicle’s space, such as its front and right sides; the weapon can only be used to attack targets along those two sides of the vehicle. This weapon is operable by the pilot or any passenger, though only one creature can operate the weapon each round. For the purpose of calculating the weapon’s attack, damage, and saving throw modifiers, use the operator’s Strength bonus or +3, whichever is higher; weapons with the operative weapon special ability can instead use the operator’s Dexterity modifier, as normal. If the wheel scythes weapon scores a critical hit to a vehicle, that vehicle sustains serious damage that limits its mobility, causing the vehicle to take penalties as though it were broken.
A vehicle can have multiple weapon mount modifications.