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12/13/21 7:14 PM PST

Hi everyone, happy holidays! One new AP joins the Starfinder Archives this month, the last for Starfinder in 2021. See you all in the new year with more books to come!

New Books

11/6/21 11:52 PM PST

Hello everyone! I know you've all been waiting a little bit for this update and I'm sorry it took so long to get to everyone. Life has a nasty habit of making more waves then usual around the holidays and I've been a bit backlogged on some of the needed work I had to do in order to accommodate some of the new features from this update. All of that is behind now and we should be getting things caught up with this update, which includes three new books that Mark's had entered and ready in the databases for you all to see.

Details and links for the new source material are below, thanks for your patience and enjoy the new content!

New Books

8/6/21 10:13 PM PST

Hi everyone! Got a small update to squeeze in before the next big one, this time with the new Junker's Delight adventure. Enjoy!

New Books

7/27/21 10:05 PM PST

Hi everyone! We've got a couple new APs for you this update, details and links below. Thanks as always to Mark for his data entry work!

New Books

6/8/21 12:49 PM PST

Hi everyone! This month's update brings you the new and huge Galaxy Exploration Manual, including new options for every class and loads of new equipment and rules for creating/exploring your own science-fantasy worlds. Huge thanks to Mark for his work on getting this in! Enjoy!

New Books