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8/6/21 10:13 PM PST

Hi everyone! Got a small update to squeeze in before the next big one, this time with the new Junker's Delight adventure. Enjoy!

New Books

7/27/21 10:05 PM PST

Hi everyone! We've got a couple new APs for you this update, details and links below. Thanks as always to Mark for his data entry work!

New Books

6/8/21 12:49 PM PST

Hi everyone! This month's update brings you the new and huge Galaxy Exploration Manual, including new options for every class and loads of new equipment and rules for creating/exploring your own science-fantasy worlds. Huge thanks to Mark for his work on getting this in! Enjoy!

New Books

4/16/21 10:46 PM PST

Hello everyone, we're back! By the determination of Mark, our Starfinder custodian, and the fortunes of Triune, I am happy to report that the Starfinder side of the Archives is now up-to-date once more. Mark has spent the last week or two working on fixing the problems that rendered his computer inoperable, and while his computer is still having issues, he was successful in uploading the data trapped in its hard drives to our database. This included the finished Alien Archive 4 and the APs up to that point, a massive amount of material. After that, he was able to finish up the remaining APs/misc Sources to get us fully caught up. A thousand cheers to him and his house!

Along with that, I want to shout out praise to our SQL developer and search engine guru Milan for bringing some much needed advancement over to the Starfinder search engine. In addition to a lot of improvements with sorting the correct results, he's added phrase searching, the ability to filter only Starfinder Society legal results, and many more options, listed below.

Note: With the new search engine comes a bit of new CSS, so if the search bar on the menu looks funky or anything seems off, please clear your browser's cache and that should fix it up. If not, come let us know in one of our discord channels!

Thank you so much for your patience over the last few months while we got things in order and were able to catch up. Now go, and enjoy the new content!

New Books

Site Updates - Search Engine

  • Search bar added to main menu
  • Search results will now sort in a more logical fashion with bringing the most likely result to the top
  • Use " " to group a search into a phrase
  • Can select between ALL and ANY matching
  • Can choose to render the results one per line
  • Can choose to only show legal Starfinder Society results
  • Can choose to filter out Adventure Path or Module sources

Site Updates - Other

3/8/21 11:08 AM PST

Hi all! I'm sorry it's been so long on this side of the Archives, I should have posted an update up sooner. As some of you may know, we operate with a small team for the website, and generally with data entry (converting PDFs into columns for our SQL database) there are two main folks that take care of it all - Devin (PF) and Mark (SF). Their immense support and attention to detail has been invaluable since they both joined the team. While the small team size is sensible for a site like ours, it unfortunately leaves us in the occasional case of "single point of failure". By no fault of his own, Mark has not seen the light of Desna recently (bad luck). Due to a family emergency, he had to go offline for a time to handle and care for loved ones, and upon return had to deal with a failing computer that held all of the files (spreadsheets of data converted from PDFs) ready to import into our systems.

I've hesitated to mention any of this because I don't like sharing private business if I don't have a good reason, but you guys deserve an update and I don't have a better way to really explain everything. Mark has been working diligently to try and recover the files and get them to us for entry into the database, and we're hoping to get some traction on that this week. If not, then we'll just need to re-convert the PDFs again.

Again, I want to make sure that there is no blame being directed here - it is an unfortunate series of events. We very much appreciate everyone's patience and hope to have Starfinder caught up on the Archives soon. Thanks for coming by!