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Starfinder Enhanced

Estimated Release Date: 10/18/2023
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Archetypes [9]

Armored Visionary, Audocyte, Combat Controller, Counselor, Exalted Champion, Lightsplayer, Major League Coach, Menagerie Manager, Thaumaturgic Trigger

Classes - Adaptations [27]

Abundant Adaptations, Adaptive Camouflage, Adaptive Lungs, Amplify Strength, Armored Form, Broad Augmentations, Burst of Speed, Cunning Deactivation, Duplicate System, Elaborate Manifestation, Empowered Strike, Energy Immunity, Enhanced Armor, Enhanced Strike, Evolutionary Radiance, Exhausting Evolution, Extra Arm, Focused Resilience, Focused Strike, Healing Mutation, Irradiated Form, Plentiful Augmentations, Secondary Strike, Shed Skin, Shrouding Outburst, Sudden Skill, Toxin Inurement

Classes - Anchors [1]


Classes - Faculties [1]


Classes - Fields of Study [1]


Classes - Fighting Styles [3]

Chaldiralist, Exosuit, Tunnel Striker

Classes - Gear Boosts [11]

Acid Bath, Area of One, Armored and Ready, Crushing Steel, Deflecting Armor, Distracting Dose, Impossible Redirection, Integrated Follow-Through, Perfect Mirror, Toxic Overload, Twinned Tornado

Classes - Improvisations [20]

Become the Robot, Blocking Bodies, Combat Codebreaker, Cry of the Valkyrie, Diplomatic Immunity, Doooom!, Exploit Weakness, Fearsome Blast, Horrifying Blast, I Said Now, Improved Seize the Advantage, Improved Vexation, Injury to Insult, Kiss It Better, Now You See It, Sonic Shroud, Sting of Failure, Teamwork Is Dream Work, Vexing Style, What Did We Learn?

Classes - Knacks [31]

Air Walk, Befuddling Nanites, Combusting Cloud, Commanding Nanites, Concentrated Cloud, Cutting Edge, Defensive Manifestation, Eldritch Upgrade, Energetic Reversal, Environmental Scrubbers, Explosive Enhancement, Harvesting Nanites, Impeding Cloud, Intelligent Nanites, Leaping Nanites, Lifting Nanites, Material Alterations, Mimicking Nanites, Myriapodal Sheath, Nanitic Escape, Nanitic Excitement, Nanitic Genius, Nanitic Interfacing, Nanitic Networking, One with the Weapon, Reanimating Nanites, Regular Updates, Shielding Nanites, Splash Down, Stylish Nanites, Weighted For Throwing

Classes - Magic Hacks [31]

Adopt Weapon, Advance Warning, Antimagic Sphere, Construct Form, Critical Surge, Deactivating Surge, Duplicate Device, Duplicate Spell, Enhance Defense, Enhance Energy Save, Enhance Illumination, Hindering Surge, Phase Entrapment, Phase Shield, Phase Stride, Phase Strike, Phase Swarm, Phase Weapon, Phased Attack, Power Down, Power Drain, Power Sphere, Power Surge, Quiet Space, Restore Technology, Retrieve Data, Scan Weakness, Stunning Surge, Surging Magic, Swarm Surge, Technological Apocalypse

Classes - Mechanic Tricks [36]

Adapt Weaponry, Adaptive Weapon, Armor Expert, Bolster Defenses, Bolster Resistances, Boost Speed, Calculate Angles, Combat Boost, Disabling Expert, Disguise Weapon, Field Triage, Forced Deconstruction, High Speed Reload, Holographic Duplicate, Jury Rig, Lower Access, Magnetic Field, Mech Calibration Expert, Mech Defensive Expert, Mech Offensive Expert, Penetrating Boost, Ranged Coordination, Recalculation, Remote Denial of Service, Remote Diagnostics, Remote Disarm, Remote Mech Operation, Remote Starship Operation, Remote Threat Tracking, Speed Scan, Spell Trap, Splashy Entrance, Surging Power, Team Triage, Vehicle Whisperer, Weapon Mimicry

Classes - Mystic Connections [3]

Accord, Isolation, Shifter

Classes - Niches [1]


Classes - Operative Specializations [1]

First Responder

Classes - Operative Exploits [34]

All According to Plan, Alter Poison, Arcane Vulnerability, Canny Factotum, Catch Off Guard, Cautious Traveler, Convenient Troubleshooting, Deafening Resonance, Execution, Feline Reflexes, Flush Them Out, Go for the Throat, Hang Time, Killing Spree, Lightning Draw, Look Out!, Mysterious Benefactor, Mysterious Informant, Obliviate, Observe Thoughts, Once Burned, Twice Shy, Playing Possum, Pocket Dimension, Psychokinetic Assassin, Pulling the Strings, Puppet Master, Retiarius, Riposte, Shank, Spell Breaker, Spell Dodger, Switch Places, Triple Debilitation, You Are Already Dead

Classes - Paradigm Shifts [16]

Agile Lash, Arcane Override, Channeled Crew, Chaos Ammo, Confounding Haze, Crossover Training, Eldritch Deception, Hyperversimilitude, Infinite Cataclysms, Infinite Self, Intensify Outcome, Living Lash, Otherworldly Charm, Reaching Lash, Resolve Opens the Gate, Wishful Scrying

Classes - Stellar Revelations [16]

Agile Ingress, Armament of Gravity, Armament of Light, Barrier Occultation, Caustic Void, Explosive Meditation, Ironweight Announcement, Metastar Conduit, Overwhelming Brilliance, Rugged Field, Shining Posture, Singularity Servant, Solar Summoner, Striking Spaghettification, Titanic Momentum, Two-Horizon Strike

Classes - Temporal Anomalies [27]

Apocalypse, Blast From the Past, Cease Momentum, Cunning Rewrite, Desperate Avoidance, Disguise of Ages, Distracting Future, Expedient Mentor, Fast Forward Ally, Frightful Future, Hasten Ally, Impressive Pace, Mass Unhinge, Memory Traveler, Moment’s Pause, Powerful Propulsion, Preternatural Dodge, Quick Recovery, Reverse Extinction, Slow Foe, Social Seer, Speed Boost, Stretch Time, Temporal Linguist, Time Warp, Timely Avoidance, Unhinged Presence

Classes - Theorems [24]

Bacterial Bastion, Bolstering Aid, Booster Shot, Brief Mutagen, Digital Disease, Do More Harm, Explosive Biohack, Explosive Danger, Far-Reaching Influence, Flashcap, Flashcap Buster, Flashcap Cluster, Flashcap Luminescence, Fruitful Danger, Hotbox, Major Minor Inhibitor, Mushroom Climbing, Mycelium Network, Pull from the Brink, Rising Cap, Shockblood Bolster, Shockblood Enhanced, Springy Sheath, Transitive Spores

Classes - Vanguard Aspects [2]

Distortion, Suspension

Classes - Vanguard Disciplines [32]

Acidic Strike, Ally Acceleration, Antimagic Influence, Delayed Decay, Disruption, Energy Shift, Entropic Explosion, Entropic Penetration, Entropic Rip, Entropic Slide, Entropic Swap, Ethereal Strike, Fortifying Boost, Harder They Fall, Interfering Strike, Mass Entropy, Mental Strength, Power Drain, Protection Expert, Regenerative Catalyst, Resistant Manipulation, Revised Strike, Selective Entropy, Shred Magic, Sleeper Strike, Slight Step, Sphere of Entropy, Staggering Surge, Stunning Strike, Sudden Spring, Total Transformation, Unyielding Force

Creature Companions [12]

Bone Familiar, Brigatak, Ebrilares, Flockay, Lapiew, Liminal, Poypoik, Quander, Rogatrich, Scootaroot, Varksi, Vividile

Equipment - Biotech [4]

Acid Breath, Ferrous Fluids, Refractive Eyes, Sweetsmell Gland

Equipment - Cybernetics [5]

Force Lattice, Fusion Eyes, Olfaction Core (Mk 1), Olfaction Core (Mk 2), Olfaction Core (Mk 3)

Equipment - Hybrid Items [36]

Applied Magic Encyclopedia, Cacophonic Generator, Canned Atmosphere, Diplomat’s Music Box, Eagle Eye Goggles, Fog Pump, Folding Boat, Force Shield Generator, Hackmite, Hardlight Pole, Instant Wall, Keeper’s Rings, Phase Excavator (Mk 1), Door Binder (Mk 1), Radiation Converter (Mk 1), Short Range Teleporter (Mk 1), Anti-Gravity Puck (Mk 1), Hack Shield (Mk 1), Anti-Gravity Puck (Mk 2), Short Range Teleporter (Mk 2), Radiation Converter (Mk 2), Door Binder (Mk 2), Hack Shield (Mk 2), Phase Excavator (Mk 2), Phase Excavator (Mk 3), Hack Shield (Mk 3), Door Binder (Mk 3), Radiation Converter (Mk 3), Short Range Teleporter (Mk 3), Anti-Gravity Puck (Mk 3), Radiation Converter (Mk 4), Portal Scryer, Solarian Binding Crystal, Telemedicine Chamber, Teleport Drone, Trap Scanner

Equipment - Magic Items [60]

Spellcaster’s Serum (Adaptable), Agile Slippers, Alignment Talisman, Spellcaster’s Serum (Bolstering), Boost Boots, Boots of Gliding, Locomotion Serum (Burrower’s), Camouflage Cloak, Locomotion Serum (Climber’s), Cloak of Soaring, Defensive Bracers, Density Serum, Displacer Cloak, Endiffian Gauntlets, Everfull Mug, Spellcaster’s Serum (Extending), Fireworks Crystals, Locomotion Serum (Flier’s), Formlock Serum, Fortification Cloak, Gloves of Snaring, Harness of Strength, Horn of Warning, Instant Foxhole, Locomotion Serum (Leaper’s), Magecane (Lesser), Lightblend Serum, Manyhands Serum, Quickstep Serum (Mk 1), Serum Of Rejuvenation (Mk 1), Firebreather’s Serum (Mk 1), Firebreather’s Serum (Mk 2), Serum Of Rejuvenation (Mk 2), Quickstep Serum (Mk 2), Quickstep Serum (Mk 3), Serum Of Rejuvenation (Mk 3), Firebreather’s Serum (Mk 3), Serum Of Rejuvenation (Mk 4), Ocu-Amp Serum, Oilskin Coat, Spellcaster’s Serum (Reaching), Ring of Electricity, Ring of Force, Rod of Lightning, Locomotion Serum (Runner’s), Scarab of Location, Serum Of Hyperawareness, Serum Of Linguistic Flexibility, Shadowfilm Serum, Sick-Away Serum, Skeptic’s Serum, Stagecraft Powder, Magecane (Standard), Spellcaster’s Serum (Stretching), Sun Cloak, Locomotion Serum (Swimmer’s), Timeskip Crystal, Void Board, Void Serum, Wildtongue Serum

Equipment - Magitech [5]

Godheart, Levitation Soles, Hypernerves (Mk 1), Hypernerves (Mk 2), Hypernerves (Mk 3)

Equipment - Other Items [17]

Air Purifier, Aquarium, Artificial Plant, Calendara, Emergency Kit, Fire Extinguisher Pellets, Galaxy Map, Holo Disc, Holopet, Intellivac, Life Suit, Mag Weights, Plantera Chamber, Portable Window, Prevue, Privacy Screen, Portable Light (String Lights)

Equipment - Technological Items [28]

Headphones (Basic), Vidgame (Basic VR), Charlatan’s Wand, Laser Designator, Endearing Ears (Mk 1), Shock Stick (Mk 1), Tactical Seismic Coupler (Mk 1), Shock Stick (Mk 2), Tactical Seismic Coupler (Mk 2), Endearing Ears (Mk 2), Shock Stick (Mk 3), Endearing Ears (Mk 3), Tactical Seismic Coupler (Mk 3), Shock Stick (Mk 4), Tactical Seismic Coupler (Mk 4), Tactical Seismic Coupler (Mk 5), Shock Stick (Mk 5), Headphones (Noise-Canceling), Slick Module (Oil), Personal Comm Module, Portable Speaker (Pocket), Portable Treadmill, Shortwave Broadcaster, Shortwave Receiver, Portable Speaker (Shoulder), Smart Scarf, Swivelshot, Headphones (Wireless)

Equipment - Weapons [92]

Antiswarm Grenade (I), Adrenaline Grenade (I), Balm Bomb (I), Disintegrator Grenade (I), Ethereal Bomb (I), Exploding Crystal (I), Exploding Ice Bomb (I), Incandescent Grenade (I), Irradiator Grenade (I), Instant Aquarium (I), Maiming Grenade (I), Mind Scrambler (I), Repeater Grenade (I), Rubber Pellet Grenade (I), Steam Cloud Grenade (I), Quantum Repositioner (I), Stinking Goo Grenade (I), Thermal Selection Grenade (I), Time-Delay Grenade (I), Underwater Grenade (I), Vibration Bomb (I), Terror Grenade (I), Terror Grenade (II), Vibration Bomb (II), Underwater Grenade (II), Time-Delay Grenade (II), Thermal Selection Grenade (II), Stinking Goo Grenade (II), Quantum Repositioner (II), Steam Cloud Grenade (II), Rubber Pellet Grenade (II), Repeater Grenade (II), Mind Scrambler (II), Maiming Grenade (II), Instant Aquarium (II), Irradiator Grenade (II), Incandescent Grenade (II), Exploding Ice Bomb (II), Exploding Crystal (II), Ethereal Bomb (II), Disintegrator Grenade (II), Balm Bomb (II), Adrenaline Grenade (II), Antiswarm Grenade (II), Antiswarm Grenade (III), Adrenaline Grenade (III), Balm Bomb (III), Disintegrator Grenade (III), Ethereal Bomb (III), Exploding Crystal (III), Exploding Ice Bomb (III), Incandescent Grenade (III), Irradiator Grenade (III), Mind Scrambler (III), Repeater Grenade (III), Rubber Pellet Grenade (III), Steam Cloud Grenade (III), Quantum Repositioner (III), Thermal Selection Grenade (III), Time-Delay Grenade (III), Underwater Grenade (III), Vibration Bomb (III), Vibration Bomb (IV), Underwater Grenade (IV), Time-Delay Grenade (IV), Thermal Selection Grenade (IV), Steam Cloud Grenade (IV), Rubber Pellet Grenade (IV), Repeater Grenade (IV), Irradiator Grenade (IV), Incandescent Grenade (IV), Exploding Ice Bomb (IV), Exploding Crystal (IV), Ethereal Bomb (IV), Disintegrator Grenade (IV), Antiswarm Grenade (IV), Mag Grenade, Multiversal Breach Grenade, Temporal Chaos Grenade, Steam Cloud Grenade (V), Thermal Selection Grenade (V), Time-Delay Grenade (V), Rubber Pellet Grenade (V), Incandescent Grenade (V), Exploding Crystal (V), Exploding Ice Bomb (V), Antiswarm Grenade (V), Ethereal Bomb (V), Underwater Grenade (V), Incandescent Grenade (VI), Rubber Pellet Grenade (VI), Incandescent Grenade (VII)

Feats [95]

Aerial Evasion, Akiton Battery Hack, Antigrenadier, Arcane Riposte, Avenger, Backpedal, Balanced Charger, Battle Thaumaturgy, Bear Down, Breach and Clear, Breaking Blasts, Combined Strike, Comedic Timing, Community Leader, Crushing Follow-up, Curveball, Dead Lift, Death From Above, Defensive Stance, Defensive Strike, Deft Pursuit, Determined Caster, Deterring Threat, Devoted Healer, Diligent, Doorbuster, Driving Force, Epic Retort, Fancy Footwork, Fast Clotting, Fend Off, Firing Solution, First Responder, Fortified Mind, Friend of the Wilds, Frightfully Tough, Gag Gift, Grim Determination, Gussy Up, Heightened Immune Response, Hidden Strike, Improved Antigrenadier, Incisive Insight, Last Ditch Effort, Ley Leech, Lightning Hands, Line Climber, Lock Eyes, Lock Them Down, Maestro’s Flourish, Meditative Might, Merciful Striker, Metabolic Cleanse, Midair Detonation, Mind over Magic, Mystic Opportunist, Natural Bounty, Natural Recouperation, Observant Follower, Old Growth, Opposition Research, Panicked Power, Parrying Technique, Physical Presence, Pilot’s Bravado, Polymath, Professional Courtesy, Professional Regard, Project Lead, Quick Dismissal, Read Foe, Refined Menace, Repair Specialist, Restricting Fire, Runner Gunner, Second-Chance Saboteur, Shield Wall, Spell Gem Eater, Starship Aficionado, Steel Self, Strong First Impression, Strong Sense of Self, Survival Instincts, Symptom Management, Throat Punch, Time-Touched, Trained Actor, Tripping Tumble, Trusted Companion, Uncanny Senses, Vile Rejection, Vital Essence, Weak Point, Zero In, Zero-G Training

Races [12]

Elanaya, Elebrian, Endiffian, Gnoll, Grippli, Hologram, Kayal, Kitsune, Moyishuu, Novian, Samsaran, Scuriday

Rituals [10]

Akashic Compilation, Awaken, Hidden Bastion, Instantaneous Assembly, Invigorating Banquet, Invoke Curse, Obsolescence, Phantom Vehicle, Planar Beacon, Rejuvenation

Rules [112]

Access Maintenance Panels, All-Out Attack, Alternate Skill DCs, Any Crew Action, Armor Flaws (Optional), Armor Flaws and Perks, Armor Perks, Before Combat Begins, Benchmark Spells, Boarding, Capacity and Usage, Captain Actions, Channel Eldritch Energy, Chief Mate Actions, Choose a Weapon Category, Choose a Weapon Type, Choose an Armor Type, Combat Rounds, Converting a Special Ability, Create a Concept, Create a Concept, Crew Actions, Cruel Taunt, Defensive Specialized Uses, Deride Enemy Ship, Designing Spells, Draw Fire, Empower Crew, Enact Cunning Stratagem, Encourage Crew Member, Enemy Tactics, Engage Experimental Prototype, Engage Full Thrusters, Engineer Actions, Equipment and Treasure, Evasive Maneuvers, Fire at Will, Flee, Flexibility is Strength, Flyby Stunt, Free Archetype Variant, Gaining a Free Archetype, Give Orders, GM Tools, Gunner Actions, Harry Enemy, Heavy Armor Progression, Hold Steady, Improve Countermeasures, Light Armor Progression, Magic Officer Actions, Make Repairs, Maximize Crew Efficiency, Milestone Leveling, Narrative Starship Combat, Narrative Starship Combat Overview, Offensive Specialized Uses, Open Fire, Optional Price Adjustment, Optional: Upgrade Labor, Other Weapon Abilities, Outmaneuver, Overpower Systems, Overview, Patch Hull, PC Starships, Perform Audacious Stunt, Pilot Actions, Prognosticate, Provide Aid, Raise Shields, Ram, Realign Targeting Systems, Resolve Points, Sample Narrative Starship Combat Stat Block, Sample PC Starship Stat Blocks, Scaling Armor, Scaling Equipment, Scaling Gear Cost, Scaling Weapon Progression, Scaling Weapons, Scan Enemy, Science Officer Actions, Scry on Enemy, Search Database, Signal Jam, Skills DCs, Specialized Uses for Resolve Points, Starship Combat Resolve, Starship Upgrades, Stat Blocks, Step 1: Conceive, Step 2: Compare, Step 3: Construct, Take Cover, Target System, Target Weak Spot, Taunt Enemy, The Free Archetype Variant in Play, Transport Specialized Uses, Upgrade Scope, Upgrading Gear, Upgrading Result, Use a Special Ability, Using Class Abilities, Using Printed Starship Stat Blocks, Utility Specialized Uses, Vent Thruster Waste, Weapon Base Statistics, Weapon Flaws (Optional), Weapon Flaws and Perks, Weapon Perks

Spells [42]

Auto-cam, Bend Reality, Bolster Spell, Chromatic Safeguard, Chronal Assault, Chronosphere, Compounding Failure, Conduit of Destruction, Deceptive Aftermages, Degrade Programming, Erase Existence, Fantastical Transformation, Fearsome Reputation, Chromatic Safeguard (Greater), Hardlight Spheres, Junk Bomb, Lava Floor, Lifeforce Reservoir, Moment's Hesitation, Parasitic Lifelink, Perfect Hindsight, Plurality Strike, Psychic Intuition, Rapid Overload, Repulsing Beacon, Revealing Light, Rotting Touch, Shades of the Past, Shrapnel Shot, Spiritual Minion, Stop Heart, Surface Transfer, Temporal Anchor, Temporal Wave, Tempting Fate, Time Bomb, Time Lapse, Transfer Time, Unfettered, Update Tech, Wall of Warped Time, Wither

Themes [11]

Battle Medic, Beastblood, Bouncer, Diplomat, Paranormal Investigator, Personal Trainer, Pickpocket, Rancher, Starwalker, Street Magician, Vidgamer