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Ports of Call

Estimated Release Date: 5/24/2023
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Archetypes [2]

Deep Delver, Expedition Chronicler

Classes - Knacks [9]

Adaptable Augmentations, Aquatic Propulsion, Cushioning Sheath, Exploratory Form, Flurrying Fog, Gluttonous Nanites, Hampering Nanites, Split Cloud, Vehicular Array

Classes - Theorems [4]

Accelerated Metabolism, Adaptive Metabolism, Botanical Booster, Decomposing Inhibitor

Creature Companions [1]

Pot-Bellied Bulette

Downtime Rules [18]

Catalog Creature, Channel Divinity, Companion Care, Cook Feast, Debrief, Destill Serums, Find Buyer, Find Cargo, Invest, Marathon Entertainment, Mech System Diagnostics, Schmooze, Social Media Curation, Spellcraft, Starship System Diagnostics, Talk Therapy, Tidy Up, Tutor

Equipment - Magic Items [10]

Golarion World Serums (Cheliax Cherry), Chlorophyll Infusion Serum, Golarion World Serums (Geb Grape), Germination Serum, Golarion World Serums (Lastwall Lemon), Golarion World Serums (Mwangi Mint), Golarion World Serums (Osirion Orange), Poisonbreath Serum, Golarion World Serums (Shackles Sour), Golarion World Serums (Taldor Toffee)

Equipment - Technological Items [7]

Albitta's Paint Sprayer, Cavatina's Squeezebox, Extreme Hoverskates, Cavatina's Squeezebox (Master), Paint Remover, Shock-absorbing Helmet, Shock-absorbing pads

Feats [10]

Bullying Brute, Certain Strength, Counter Grapple, Distance Hurler, Impressive Flex, Knock Heads, Muscular Retort, Plow Through, Shoulder Burden, Spectacular Smash

Races [4]

Giant, Selamid, Thyr, Xulgath

Rules [32]

Alternative Building Points, Cargo, Cargo Handling, Cargo Sell Price, Cargo Type, Charge of the Inheritor, Conqueror’s Path, Destination, Determine Complication, Downgrades, Drift Lanes, Expansion, Famous Drift Lanes, Find Cargo, Galactic Trade Basics, Gambler Road, GMing Expectations, Ibzen’s Calamity, Insurance, Jatembe’s Jaunt, Lifestyle, Make the Sale, Other Sources of Build Points, Prosperiola, Running the System, Session Zero, Shipping or Speculation?, Spending Build Points, Transport, Understanding Drift Lanes, Upgrades, Using Drift Lanes

Spells [7]

Capricious Cats, Conjure Grenade, Identity Storm, Junk Grenade, Minibot Messenger, Starlit Span, Thought Ripple

Starship - Base Frames [1]


Starship - Expansion Bays [12]

Agricultural Suite, Arena, Atmospheric Bubble, Display Room, Garage, Lido, Garage (Massive), Mech Bay, Menagerie, Sky Crane, Temple, Zero-G Hold

Starship - Other Systems [13]

Magic Power Core (Arcane Dawn), Magic Power Core (Arcane Dusk), Magic Power Core (Arcane Zenith), C-I Baffle, Luxury Ship Framework, Magic Sensors, Magic Thrusters, Mass Simulator (Mk 1), Mass Simulator (Mk 2), Mass Simulator (Mk 3), Mass Simulator (Mk 4), Modular Service Robots, Teleportation Interstellar Drive

Starship - Security [2]

Smoke Screen, Weapon Hatch

Starship - Weapons [15]

Antimagic Missile, Antimagic Missile (Heavy), Capital Seer-Shard Projector, Capital Song Cannon, Galactic Choir Array, Grappler Hawser, Harpoon Hawser, Heavy Seer-Shard Projector, Heavy Song Cannon, Hook Hawser, Light Seer-Shard Projector, Mk 1 Arcane Rail, Mk 2 Arcane Rail, Mk 3 Arcane Rail, Song Cannon