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Electrical Attunement (Su)

Source Tech Revolution pg. 30
Class Solarian

Your solarian powers are tuned to the interplay of energy and resistance, not photons and gravitons. Your stellar mode class feature enables you to be in three modes: energy mode, resistance mode, or unattuned. For the purpose of empowering revelations based on your attunement and meeting prerequisites, treat energy mode as photon mode, and treat resistance mode as graviton mode. Your solarian abilities that deal fire damage or provide cold resistance—such as corona, plasma sheath, or solar flare—deal electricity damage and grant electricity resistance instead. At 1st level, you learn the destructive discharge and energy sink stellar revelations instead of black hole and supernova.
Electromagnetic attunement alters solar manifestation, stellar mode, and stellar revelation.
Energy Mode: When you enter energy mode, you gain 1 energy attunement point and become energy-attuned; you’re treated as being photon-attuned for the purpose of determining your stellar revelations’ effects. While energy-attuned, your speeds all increase by 5 feet. This bonus increases by 5 feet for every 3 solarian levels you have.
Resistance Mode: When you enter resistance mode, you gain 1 resistance attunement point and become resistance-attuned; you’re treated as being graviton-attuned for the purpose of determining your stellar revelations’ effects. While you’re resistance-attuned, you gain damage reduction 1/—. This bonus increases by 1 for every 6 solarian levels you have, and this damage reduction stacks with one other source of DR.