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Drone Technomancy

Source Tech Revolution pg. 34
Class Technomancer

You have created an extraordinary new life powered by your technomancy, providing you a skilled companion at the cost of your overall magical potential. You gain a drone artificial intelligence, using your technomancer level as your mechanic level. If you have additional levels in a class that provides you a drone artificial intelligence, you add them together to the determine the effectiveness of your drone. You gain one fewer spell slot per day of each level.
When you learn new magic hacks, you can choose to select any of the following mechanic tricks as though they were magic hacks, using your technomancer level as your mechanic level to qualify for these tricks: drone meld, extra drone mod, hyperclocking, mod tinkerer, overclocking, repair drone, and ultraclocking.
This alters spells and replaces spell cache and cache capacitor.