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Junk Technomancy

Source Tech Revolution pg. 34
Class Technomancer

Your magic easily recycles technological refuse into useful tools, literally making another’s trash into your treasure. You gain junk armor and junksword as 1st-level spells known. When you gain the ability to cast technomancer spells of a higher level, you add the next higher level of junk armor and junksword to your list of spells known. You immediately lose the lower level version of these two spells and replace them with one spell known for that lower spell level. Once per day, you can cast junk armor or junksword as a spell of the highest technomancer spell level that you can cast without expending a spell slot. When you cast junk spells—including any spells that specifically create or manipulate junk, such as junk armor, handy junkbot, or other spells as the GM’s discretion—you treat your technomancer caster level as 1 higher than normal.
At 3rd level, your techlore class feature grants its insight bonus to your Engineering checks rather than to Computers checks; it still grants you an insight bonus to Mysticism checks. At 6th level, armor you create or enhance with junk armor gains one armor upgrade slot. When you create a junksword, you can simultaneously place a weapon fusion seal into it whose item level cannot exceed half the spell’s caster level; the fusion seal is harmlessly returned to your hand when the spell ends.
This alters spells and techlore, and it replaces spell cache and cache capacitor.