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Broken Cycle

Source Galactic Magic pg. 30
Class Solarian

Choose either photon mode or graviton mode. When using stellar mode, you can either become unattuned or enter only the chosen mode. When learning stellar revelations, you can choose only revelations associated with your chosen mode, including learning only the initial zenith revelation: black hole or supernova. You ignore the effect of disproportionate revelations (Core Rulebook 104). Multiply your solarian level by 1-1/2 for the purpose of calculating your insight bonuses to Reflex saves and damage rolls granted by graviton mode and photon mode, respectively.
At 3rd level, you must choose both of the skills for sidereal influence from the list for your chosen mode, and the ability’s effects apply to both skills while sidereal influence lasts. At 11th level, you choose one more skill from that list, and at 19th level, your sidereal influence applies to all five skills associated with your chosen mode. At 9th level, and again at 17th level, you learn two new revelations associated with your chosen mode, at least one of which must be a zenith revelation.
This alters your stellar mode, stellar revelations, sidereal influence, and zenith revelations.