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Stellar Sage

Source Galactic Magic pg. 30
Class Solarian

You develop unparalleled mastery of stellar revelations, though doing so comes at the cost of your martial training. You gain a number of skill ranks per level equal to 6 + your Intelligence modifier instead of the normal 4 + your Intelligence modifier. You gain 6 Hit Points and a number of Stamina Points equal to 6 + your Constitution modifier at each level instead of the normal 7 Hit Points and 7 + your Constitution modifier. Your base attack bonus from solarian levels is equal to three-quarters of your class level (equivalent to that of a mystic or technomancer).
Besides learning additional stellar revelations at every even solarian level, you also learn a bonus stellar revelation at 5th level and every 4 levels thereafter.
At 7th level, as a reaction, whenever you score a critical hit or are critically hit, you can immediately change your stellar mode to any other stellar mode with an equal or lower number of attunement points (such as from photon mode with 3 attunement points to graviton mode with 3 points) after resolving the triggering attack. If you’re unattuned when using this ability, you enter either photon mode or graviton mode with 1 attunement point.
A solarian’s power stems from a careful balance of cosmic influences, yet some reap power from asymmetry in defiance of conventional study. These practitioners are increasingly common, and although few monasteries actively condemn these heterodoxies, most watch with eager curiosity to see what befalls these enlightened daredevils. At 13th level, you can use any two solarian revelations as a standard action, with one revelation taking effect immediately before the other. Both revelations must be ones you could normally activate with a standard action or move action, and neither can be a zenith revelation. To use this ability, you must spend a number of Resolve Points equal to 3 minus your current number of attunement points (minimum 1 RP). After activating the two revelations, you immediately become unattuned.
This alters the solarian’s Hit Points, Stamina Points, skill points, base attack bonus, and stellar revelations class features. This replaces flashing strikes and solarian’s onslaught.