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Immortal Tutor (Su)

Source Galactic Magic pg. 34
Class Technomancer

You’ve learned technology from extraplanar experts. Choose one of the following categories that best fits your immortal tutor: aeon, celestial, elemental, fiend, inevitable, or protean. You gain the benefits associated with that tutor.
At 1st level, you gain the ability to cast a specific variable‑level spell once per day without expending a spell slot as though it were one of your known technomancer spells, and you do so using the spell level equal to the highest-level technomancer spell you can cast.
At 6th level, when you cast a 1st-level or higher technomancer spell, you can gain the tutor’s first lesson for a number of rounds equal to your Intelligence modifier. After you do so, you can’t use the first lesson again until you have rested 10 minutes to regain Stamina Points. At 12th level, you can spend 1 Resolve Point as a reaction to gain the benefits of your patron’s second lesson. At 18th level, you learn your patron’s third lesson, which grants an additional benefit whenever the first lesson ability is active.
This replaces spell cache and cache capacitor.


Source Galactic Magic pg. 34
You have learned reality-warping mathematics from the cosmos’s faceless custodians.
Spell: Flight
First Lesson: When you make an attack that would deal a damage type you have not dealt since the beginning of your last turn, you gain a +1 circumstance bonus to the attack roll.
Second Lesson: You gain the ability to speak and understand one language you perceive as if affected by comprehend languages and tongues for 10 minutes.
Third Lesson: You have a 60% fortification ability as if you had an active blue force field (Core Rulebook 206).


Source Galactic Magic pg. 34
Benevolent outsiders showed you the miracle’s sacred tech.
Spell: Summon creature (agathion, angel, archon, and azata only)
First Lesson: You gain DR/evil with a value equal to 1-1/2 × the spell’s level (rounded down).
Second Lesson: You apply your techlore bonus as an insight bonus to one skill check before attempting the check.
Third Lesson: You and allies within 30 feet who can see you gain a +1 morale bonus to saving throws.


Source Galactic Magic pg. 34
A powerful elemental patron honed your fundamentals. Choose an elemental type for your patron: air, earth, fire, or water.
Spell: Summon creature (elementals only)
First Lesson: You gain a special movement speed based on your patron’s type. Air grants a 20-foot fly speed (average maneuverability). Earth grants a 15-foot burrow speed. Fire grants a +20-foot enhancement bonus to your land speed. Water grants a 30-foot swim speed.
Second Lesson: You reroll the damage dice for an attack or spell that deals acid, cold, electricity, or fire damage. Use whichever result is higher.
Third Lesson: You gain a defense based on your elemental type, with a value equal to 1 plus the spell’s level—electricity resistance (air), DR/piercing (earth), fire resistance (fire), or DR/bludgeoning (water). This DR or resistance stacks with one other source of DR or resistance you already have.


Source Galactic Magic pg. 34
You’ve learned technological exploits from evil outsiders.
Spell: Summon creature (daemon, demon, and devil only)
First Lesson: You gain DR/good with a value equal to 1-1/2 × the spell’s level (rounded down).
Second Lesson: Your armor briefly grows spikes, dealing piercing damage equal to your technomancer level plus your Intelligence modifier to a creature that damaged you with a melee attack.
Third Lesson: You gain fire resistance 10. After you resolve the spell that triggers the first lesson, any enemies within 30 feet who can see you must succeed at a Will save or become shaken for 1d6 rounds (DC = 20 + your Intelligence modifier).


Source Galactic Magic pg. 34
SFS Note: Replace the adamantine shot spell in the Inevitable Immortal Tutor Alternate Class Feature for Technomancers with magic missile.
The precision of Axis formed the foundation of your studies.
Spell: Adamantine shot
First Lesson: You gain temporary Hit Points equal to three times the spell’s level.
Second Lesson: You gain a +4 enhancement bonus to one Fortitude save against a death effect, disease, necromancy effect, paralysis effect, poison, sleep effect, or stun effect.
Third Lesson: At the end of each turn, you regain Stamina Points equal to twice the spell’s level.


Source Galactic Magic pg. 34
You learned to innovate your technomancy to keep pace with the Maelstrom’s everchanging criteria and physics.
Spell: Polymorph (self only)
First Lesson: When you cast a spell or make an attack that deals acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic damage, you can choose to replace that damage with one of the five damage types selected at random. If you do so, you can reroll one of the damage dice and use the second result.
Second Lesson: You reduce the damage you take from a critical hit by twice your technomancer level and gain a +2 bonus on saving throws against the attack’s critical hit effects.
Third Lesson: Your form becomes extremely fluid. You gain the compression ability (Alien Archive 153), can move through difficult terrain as though it were normal terrain, and gain a +3 circumstance bonus to KAC and saving throws against attacks of opportunity and effects that would grapple or entangle you.