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Infinity Lash (Su)

Source Galactic Magic pg. 38
Class Witchwarper

As a move action, you can form a whiplike strand of energy whose strikes tear away slivers of matter and replace them with alternate reality analogues to painful effect. This infinity lash functions as a magical one-handed basic melee weapon that disappears if it ever leaves your hand. It deals 1d4 slashing damage and has the analog and reach special properties.
As a move action while holding your infinity lash, you can expend a witchwarper spell slot of 1st level or higher to empower the infinity lash for a number of rounds equal to your Charisma modifier. This increases the damage dealt by your infinity lash by +1d4 per level of the spell slot expended, or by +2d4 per level of the spell slot expended if the spell slot expended was 5th level or higher. This also grants the weapon additional effects based on the level of spell slot expended as follows.
1st: You can deliver spells with a range of touch using your infinity lash’s reach rather than your natural reach. Your infinity lash gains the sicken critical hit effect. If your infinity lash has multiple critical hit effects, you can apply any one of those effects when you score a critical hit with the weapon.
2nd: As 1st level, plus you can change the damage your infinity lash deals to one of the following of your choice: acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic. Your infinity lash targets KAC.
3rd: As 2nd level, plus your infinity lash gains the disarm and trip special properties.
4th: As 3rd level, plus your infinity lash gains the staggered critical hit effect.
5th: As 4th level, plus your infinity lash gains the enfeeble critical hit effect.
6th: As 5th level, plus when you score a critical hit, you can select two critical hit effects to apply to the target.

Infinity lash replaces infinite worlds.