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Plunderer of Worlds (Su)

Source Drift Crisis pg. 49
Class Witchwarper

Much as the Drift tears away pieces of other planes, you snag extraplanar energies from the Great Beyond. Twice per day as a standard action, you can project a random plane’s features into a nearby space. Roll on Table 1–2 to determine which plane is affected. After determining the plane, you choose where this planar bubble appears, filling a 10-foot‑radius emanation within 100 feet of you. A planar bubble lasts a number of rounds equal to your witchwarper level. You can’t dismiss the bubble, though you can have more than one in existence at once. At 4th, 10th, and 16th levels, you can create one additional planar bubble per day.
The planar bubble imposes various effects on creatures in its area, determined by the plane of origin. At 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th, and 16th levels, you gain additional ways to augment your bubbles by expending an unused witchwarper spell slot. You can expend only one spell slot in this way per bubble you create. You choose whether to expend a spell slot to augment a bubble after selecting its plane but before targeting the effect.
At 1st level, the planar bubble applies the plane’s enhanced magic and impeded magic effects for any spells and spell-like abilities cast inside its area. Any spell that has a descriptor that matches one of the bubble’s enhanced traits functions as though the spell’s caster level were 2 higher than normal, has its saving throw DC increased by 1, and gains a +2 insight bonus to any attack rolls made with the spell. Any spell that has a descriptor that matches one of the bubble’s impeded traits is difficult to cast; the spellcaster must succeed at a caster-level check (1d20 + their caster level) with a DC equal to 15 + twice the spell’s level; otherwise, they fail to cast the impeded spell.
At 4th level, you can expend a 1st-level spell slot to fill the area with difficult terrain, as the infinite worlds 1st-level environmental effect (Character Operations Manual 62).
At 7th level, the bubble’s radius increases to 15 feet. You can expend a spell slot to expand the bubble further, increasing its radius by an amount equal to 5 × the spell slot’s level.
At 10th level, you gain extraordinary control over your planar bubbles’ origins. You can expend a 2nd-level or higher spell slot when creating a bubble to roll its plane of origin a number of times equal to the expended spell’s level and choose one result.
At 13th level, the planar bubble’s radius increases to 20 feet. In addition, you can expend a 4th-level spell slot to fill the planar bubble with dangerous matter or energy, dealing force damage equal 5 + your Charisma modifier when a creature enters or begins its turn in the bubble. Each subsequent round, the amount of damage the planar bubble inflicts decreases by 1 (minimum 0). A creature can’t take this damage more than once per round, and they take half as much damage with a successful Fortitude save. Any creatures that have the subtype, creature type, or special ability listed in the planar bubble’s immune entry take no damage from this effect, whereas creatures that have the subtype, creature type, or special ability listed in the bubble’s vulnerability entry instead take double damage from the effect. A creature that is both immune and vulnerable to the damage instead takes the normal amount of damage. At the GM’s discretion, a creature closely associated with the planar bubble’s origin might be immune or vulnerable to its effects (such as a Shadow Plane creature being immune to a shadowy planar bubble’s damage). You’re immune to your own bubble’s damage unless you’re vulnerable to its effects.
At 16th level, you can expend a 6th-level spell slot as a standard action to end one of your planar bubbles prematurely. When you do so, the collapsing bubble attempts to draw one creature in its area back to the bubble’s plane of origin. This functions as plane shift, and an unwilling target can attempt a Will save to negate the effect. You can use this ability even if you’ve already expended a spell slot to modify the bubble. Plunderer of worlds replaces infinite worlds.
1–6Chaoticchaoticlawfulchaotic subtypelawful subtype
7–12Evilevilgoodevil subtypegood subtype
13–18Goodgoodevilgood subtypeevil subtype
19–24Lawfullawfulchaoticlawful subtypechaotic subtype
25–30Captivatingcharm, emotionmindless creatures
31–36Discordantpain, sonicmind-affecting
37–42Entropicdeath, poisoncreation, healingundead typeliving creatures
43–48Eldritchall spells
49–54Shadowydarkness, shadowfire, light
55–60Suppressedall spells
61–66Vivaciouscreation, healingdeath, diseaseliving creaturesundead type
67–72Airair, electricityacid, earthair subtypeearth subtype
73–78Earthacid, earthair, electricityearth subtypeair subtype
79–84Firefirecold, waterfire subtypecold or water subtype
85–90Watercold, waterfirecold or water subtypefire subtype
91–100Roll twice and apply both planar effects to the planar bubble.