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Robotic Improvements

Source Interstellar Species pg. 127
Class Mechanic

This mechanic alternate class feature can be taken only by characters who can be targeted by affects that only affect constructs, including those of the construct type and those with the constructed species trait (such as androids). You’re constantly tinkering with your robotic components, adding, adjusting, and removing them as suits your wishes.
At 1st level, you add equipment to your robotic body that performs a specialized function. You gain 1 drone mod, which applies to you rather than to a drone. You must meet any prerequisite the drone mod has, though you’re automatically considered to have manipulator arms. You select one kind of drone chassis and count as that chassis for purposes of meeting mod prerequisites, though you gain none of that drone chassis’s other abilities. You aren’t considered to automatically have a melee weapon arm or weapon mount, though you can select those as mods to add to yourself. There’s no cost for this bonus drone mod, but if you get a mod that can use other equipment that must be bought separately if added to a drone (such as needing to buy weapons separately if you give a drone a weapon mount), you must still pay for that additional equipment normally.
You can’t select any drone mod that affects your AC (such as extra armor), saving throws (such as hardened AI), and class skills or skill ranks (such as skill subroutine), nor any that grants you temporary Hit Points (such as energy shield) or allows the drone to take actions when you’re unconscious (such as medical subroutine). You also can’t select mods that result in a drone shutting itself down (such as shock waves) or causes it to share a space with its mechanic.
Alternatively, in the place of a drone mod, you can install a specialized piece of internal equipment that gives you a bonus feat. This feat must be one a drone can select as a feat, and you must meet its prerequisites. If you have a trick that expands what feats a drone of yours could take (such as exploration routine; see page 18 of Starfinder Galaxy Exploration Manual), you can select from that expanded list as well.
Each time you gain a mechanic level, you can swap out one robotic improvement, removing a previous selection and making a new choice. You can’t remove a robotic improvement that gives you a feat that’s a prerequisite for any option you’ve taken.
You gain an additional robotic improvement at 5th, 7th, 10th, 15th, and 20th level.
Robotic improvements replaces the mechanic’s artificial intelligence class feature.