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Source Galactic Magic pg. 11
Powers with a vested interest in the flow of time have given some of their influence to you. Perhaps the fey Eldest Shyka has empowered you to avert some unknowable future timeline. Maybe, sometime in the distant past, a servant of Pharasma seeded such potency in the bloodline of one of your ancestors. You might have discovered some ineffable insight into space-time that allows you to perform supernatural feats. Whatever your connection with time, it is something granted by another power, and that power fuels you with magical energy that grants you greater control over time.

Focal Paradox: Caster level checks and one class skill (chosen at 1st level).
Improved Anchor: Once per day as a swift action, you can slow time immediately around yourself until the end of your turn. For the duration, adjacent enemies that attempt reactions must succeed at a Reflex saving throw or lose the action.
Greater Anchor: Once per day, you can cast any spell you know that has a casting time of a standard action or less as a full action instead. After you successfully cast this spell, you can cast a second spell without taking an action (though it still uses a spell slot). The second spell must have a casting time of a standard action or less and be of a level no greater than the level of the first spell you cast minus 2. If you cast the second spell, you lose your standard action on your next turn.