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Source Galactic Magic pg. 9
You have a preternatural affinity for an aspect of time itself that grants you power. Your anchor grounds your ability to interact with time and provides the foundation of all your powers. The exact nature of your specific anchor might be specific to you or be a broad element shared by other precogs. You must pick an anchor upon taking your first level of precog—once made, this choice can’t be changed.


Source Galactic Magic pg. 11
Powers with a vested interest in the flow of time have given some of their influence to you. Perhaps the fey Eldest Shyka has empowered you to avert some unknowable future timeline. Maybe, sometime in the distant past, a servant of Pharasma seeded such potency in the bloodline of one of your ancestors. You might have discovered some ineffable insight into space-time that allows you to perform supernatural feats. Whatever your connection with time, it is something granted by another power, and that power fuels you with magical energy that grants you greater control over time.

Focal Paradox: Caster level checks and one class skill (chosen at 1st level).
Improved Anchor: Once per day as a swift action, you can slow time immediately around yourself until the end of your turn. For the duration, adjacent enemies that attempt reactions must succeed at a Reflex saving throw or lose the action.
Greater Anchor: Once per day, you can cast any spell you know that has a casting time of a standard action or less as a full action instead. After you successfully cast this spell, you can cast a second spell without taking an action (though it still uses a spell slot). The second spell must have a casting time of a standard action or less and be of a level no greater than the level of the first spell you cast minus 2. If you cast the second spell, you lose your standard action on your next turn.

Dimension of Time

Source Galactic Magic pg. 11
You have always known of and felt pulled toward the Dimension of Time. You might have encountered a hound of Tindalos or a time dimensional at some point in your life that created this unerring bond. You could explore the cosmos as an unwitting agent for the mysterious powers within the Dimension of Time, or you could simply use your powers for personal gain.

Focal Paradox: Reflex saving throws.
Improved Anchor: Once per day, you can touch an object in your possession of 1 bulk or less. The object is protected from mundane effects of the passage of time (for example, metal does not rust, and fruit does not ripen or spoil) as long as you maintain this effect on it. You can maintain this effect on a number of objects equal to your Dexterity modifier (minimum 1) at any one time. If you exceed this limit, the oldest existing effect immediately ends. This ability has no effect on the functionality of technological objects.
Greater Anchor: You can unfetter your ability to travel as you traverse through perfect moments in time. Once per day as a swift action, you can move through difficult terrain without penalty, you increase all of your speeds by 20 feet, and you gain a +4 circumstance bonus to saving throws against any effects that would impart the entangled, exhausted, fatigued, flat-footed, grappled, paralyzed, pinned, staggered, or stunned conditions. These benefits last for a number of rounds equal to your precog level.

Doomed Future

Source Galactic Magic pg. 11
You are cursed with visions of a terrible future. Whether it’s the distant awakening of a Great Old One, a post-apocalyptic realm where automatons have conquered the stars, a magical cataclysm triggered by well-intentioned experiments, or a future where the Swarm encompasses all known worlds, a seemingly inevitable future is inseparably linked with your consciousness. Though you can see only glimpses of this doomed future, you struggle to avoid it, hoping your actions will eventually change the terrifying visions you receive.

Focal Paradox: Fortitude saving throws.
Improved Anchor: Visions of your future haunt you, but also provide insight into what is to come. Once per day when you regain your spells, you gain a free paradox of 20 that you can use only on a skill check made to recall knowledge.
Greater Anchor: When you succeed at a Fortitude save against an effect that normally has a partial effect on a successful save, you instead suffer no effect.

Fragmented Past

Source Galactic Magic pg. 11
There was a moment in your life that never should have happened. Though others may not believe you, you are certain in your very core that one critical moment altered whatever fate had in store for you. Since that divergence, you’ve gained a wider appreciation of time’s passage and a sense of what could have been, and you’re able to influence the timeline more than others could ever hope to. Still, you remain sure that your timeline is wrong, and it’s only a matter of time before someone or something comes to correct that error.

Focal Paradox: Two trained skill checks (chosen at 1st level).
Improved Anchor: Once per day, at the start of your turn when you are dying, you can use a paradox to immediately stabilize. When you do so, you regain 1 Hit Point as though you spent 1 RP to stay in the fight (Starfinder Core Rulebook 251).
Greater Anchor: Once per day, when you take the full attack action and make both attacks against a single target, if one of your attacks is a hit and the other is a miss, you can instead hit (though not score a critical hit) with the attack that would have missed. Alternatively, if both attacks hit, you can make an additional attack with the same weapon against the same target at a –6 penalty.

Memory Echoes

SFS Note: The Memory Echoes Greater Anchor can be used once per scenario in Starfinder Society play.
Source Interstellar Species pg. 30
Reincarnation may be rare, but you’re convinced you were once someone from the distant past, perhaps from a planet that has all but fallen out of existence, brought back to help teach something to those in the future. You have flashes of painful memories, perhaps of punishments doled out while living under harsh rule or of having those you love taken away from you by force. Whatever shape these thoughts may take, the power of it fuels your passion to bring that knowledge forth to those around you, working to ensure the past is neither repeated nor forgotten.

Focal Paradox: : Diplomacy and Intimidate. You gain Intimidate as a class skill.
Improved Anchor: To better understand what has happened in the past, sometimes you need to use unconventional methods. Once per a day, you can use a paradox as part of a full action to cast speak with dead or tongues without expending a spell slot, even if these aren’t among your known spells.
Greater Anchor: Even though your perceptions are based on your knowledge of the past, sometimes the best laid plans aren’t enough. However, due to your past-life experiences, you can come up with a better idea. Once per a week as a full action, you can cast any spell from the precog list with a spell level at least one lower than the maximum level you can cast.

The Drift Crisis

Source Drift Crisis pg. 43
Through some confluence of conditions, the Drift Crash recalibrated your perception and magic to align with the event’s aftereffects. The Drift’s convulsions might have twisted the space-time of your home world, granting you visions of extraplanar pasts and futures. Perhaps you attained some ineffable insight into the Drift’s origins or what it might one day become. It could be Triune themself has granted you this power, or perhaps some powerful entity damaged by the Drift Crash reached out for a savior and found only your mind.

Focal Paradox: Caster-level checks and initiative checks.
Improved Anchor: You can perceive and exploit moments where reality folds back upon itself, allowing you to step through ephemeral wormholes in space-time as you reach your destination in several leaps. Once per day without spending an action, you can double your speeds until the end of your turn, during which you gain a +4 bonus to your AC against attacks of opportunity. If you run or charge during this turn, you can turn up to 90 degrees once during your movement.
Greater Anchor: Once per day as a reaction, you can recreate a localized Drift Crash of your own to disrupt the motion of a creature that begins its movement within 60 feet of you. After the creature completes its movement, you instantly teleport it to an unoccupied space of your choosing the creature could reach with a move action. You can’t move the creature into an inherently dangerous space, such as a surface that can’t support its weight. An unwilling creature can negate this effect with a successful Reflex save.

The Gap

Source Galactic Magic pg. 12
Through some event or mishap, your existence has become irrevocably linked to the indiscernible timeline of the Gap. You might be a long-lived species who thrived during that time or believe yourself to have come from the Gap when you woke with no memories in the present day. Whatever your connection, you can pull temporal power from the missing time of the Gap and use it to obfuscate elements of your own timeline.

Focal Paradox: Will saving throws.
Improved Anchor: Your actions become difficult to record or view remotely. The first time per day a given creature attempts to perceive you using any sort of supplementary means of detection, such as those granted by equipment (including remote cameras or specialty goggles) or spells with the scrying descriptor, they must succeed at a Will save to see you properly. If a creature fails its save, it perceives you as only an indistinct blur for 1 minute, though the creature is still aware of your location.
Greater Anchor: You gain the ability to subtly smudge the timelines of others, removing yourself from their recent memory. Once per day as a move action, you can designate a creature within 60 feet to lose all memory of your prior actions and presence over the last hour. This otherwise works as the modify memory spell, except it adjusts all of the target’s memories that include you. In memories where you were present, the target can remember only an indistinct blur in your place. The target can attempt a Will save to negate this effect. A target can be affected by this ability only once per week.


Source Galactic Magic pg. 12
Countless civilizations have experimented with technological means of achieving time travel. Though it appears no known civilization has yet mastered such technology, failed attempts can be found throughout the galaxy. Your bond with (or perhaps disconnect from) the flow of time stems from some technological origin. Perhaps you were the test subject of an experimental time travel device or you unexpectedly activated a malfunctioning chronal technology from a long-lost civilization.

Focal Paradox: Initiative checks.
Improved Anchor: You can reverse time’s flow for certain pieces of technology. Once per day as a full action, you can restore the charges on a single battery, technological item, or hybrid item.
Greater Anchor: Once per day as a full action, you can access a custom temporal shelter. When you do so, you immediately disappear and emerge in your shelter. Your temporal shelter exists in a far-distant future in a space made up of a number of 10-foot cubes equal to your precog level and with an atmosphere tailored to your needs. It includes a servitor, freed from time’s trappings, that can construct a single item per visit with an item level equal to or less than your precog level; you must provide credits, UPBs, or both equal to the item’s price. Time passes normally both within and outside your temporal shelter. You can exit it at will, returning to the location that you left.


Source Starfinder #45: The Culling Shadow pg. 50
You have a profound supernatural connection to the Negative Energy Plane and areas linked to that plane, such as black holes. The Void might have altered your body or mind, and your link to the Negative Energy Plane leaves you profoundly aware, with absolute confidence, of the final fate of the universe. In time, everything in the galaxy will collapse and be absorbed by the Void; suns will die, and planets will cease their monotonous rotation until all matter finally fades from universe. You might even feel compelled to hasten others toward this ultimate destiny.

Focal Paradox: Fortitude saving throws
Improved Anchor: Once per day as a full action, you can target a single item of up to 2 Bulk and within 30 feet and drain it of all charges. If the item is in someone’s possession, that creature can resist this effect with a successful Fortitude saving throw.
Greater Anchor: You mind has been hardened against traumatic effects. When you succeed at a Will save against an effect that normally has a partial effect on a successful save, you instead suffer no effect.