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SFS Note: If a precog with the Seer anchor grants an ally a paradox, that ally rolls the paradox for themselves. The precog does not lose any paradoxes by doing so.
Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 62
You’re an insightful seer, diviner, or fortune-teller who uses tools to interpret the future on behalf of yourself and others. You offer sage advice and guidance, and your intimate connection with the flow of time comes not from mishap or innate ability, but from extensive training with divination tools such as crystal balls, harrow cards, holo-runes, echo chimes, or the movement of the stars. These tools allow you to learn from the past, understand the present, and peer into the future. With this understanding, you can shift fortunes, alter fate, and avoid unwanted outcomes. While your divinations tools serve as your connection to the flow of time, they would be worthless if not for your incredible insight and interpretive skill.

Focal Paradox: Perception checks, Sense Motive checks, skill checks made to recall knowledge.
Improved Anchor: Once per day when you regain your spells, you can perform a divination for each of your allies, giving them a glimpse into their future and a better understanding of their past. If you do so, you can bestow a free paradox to all allies within 30 feet of you, up to a maximum number equal to your Dexterity modifier. They can use their paradox in place of their d20 roll for any one of the following: Perception checks, Sense Motive checks, skill checks made to recall knowledge. They can’t use this paradox in any other way, and it expires after one day. Their paradox follows all the same rules as your paradoxes.
Greater Anchor: Your ability to foretell the future has improved, enabling you to direct and better focus your divinations. You gain insight into a specific event, goal, or activity. Once per day, you can cast divination; when you do, you can choose to use a paradox in addition to expending the 1 Resolve Point required to cast the spell. If you do, you increase the chance to receive a correct divination by a number equal to the paradox used.