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Fragmented Past

Source Galactic Magic pg. 11
There was a moment in your life that never should have happened. Though others may not believe you, you are certain in your very core that one critical moment altered whatever fate had in store for you. Since that divergence, you’ve gained a wider appreciation of time’s passage and a sense of what could have been, and you’re able to influence the timeline more than others could ever hope to. Still, you remain sure that your timeline is wrong, and it’s only a matter of time before someone or something comes to correct that error.

Focal Paradox: Two trained skill checks (chosen at 1st level).
Improved Anchor: Once per day, at the start of your turn when you are dying, you can use a paradox to immediately stabilize. When you do so, you regain 1 Hit Point as though you spent 1 RP to stay in the fight (Starfinder Core Rulebook 251).
Greater Anchor: Once per day, when you take the full attack action and make both attacks against a single target, if one of your attacks is a hit and the other is a miss, you can instead hit (though not score a critical hit) with the attack that would have missed. Alternatively, if both attacks hit, you can make an additional attack with the same weapon against the same target at a –6 penalty.