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The Gap

Source Galactic Magic pg. 12
Through some event or mishap, your existence has become irrevocably linked to the indiscernible timeline of the Gap. You might be a long-lived species who thrived during that time or believe yourself to have come from the Gap when you woke with no memories in the present day. Whatever your connection, you can pull temporal power from the missing time of the Gap and use it to obfuscate elements of your own timeline.

Focal Paradox: Will saving throws.
Improved Anchor: Your actions become difficult to record or view remotely. The first time per day a given creature attempts to perceive you using any sort of supplementary means of detection, such as those granted by equipment (including remote cameras or specialty goggles) or spells with the scrying descriptor, they must succeed at a Will save to see you properly. If a creature fails its save, it perceives you as only an indistinct blur for 1 minute, though the creature is still aware of your location.
Greater Anchor: You gain the ability to subtly smudge the timelines of others, removing yourself from their recent memory. Once per day as a move action, you can designate a creature within 60 feet to lose all memory of your prior actions and presence over the last hour. This otherwise works as the modify memory spell, except it adjusts all of the target’s memories that include you. In memories where you were present, the target can remember only an indistinct blur in your place. The target can attempt a Will save to negate this effect. A target can be affected by this ability only once per week.