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Source Galactic Magic pg. 12
Countless civilizations have experimented with technological means of achieving time travel. Though it appears no known civilization has yet mastered such technology, failed attempts can be found throughout the galaxy. Your bond with (or perhaps disconnect from) the flow of time stems from some technological origin. Perhaps you were the test subject of an experimental time travel device or you unexpectedly activated a malfunctioning chronal technology from a long-lost civilization.

Focal Paradox: Initiative checks.
Improved Anchor: You can reverse time’s flow for certain pieces of technology. Once per day as a full action, you can restore the charges on a single battery, technological item, or hybrid item.
Greater Anchor: Once per day as a full action, you can access a custom temporal shelter. When you do so, you immediately disappear and emerge in your shelter. Your temporal shelter exists in a far-distant future in a space made up of a number of 10-foot cubes equal to your precog level and with an atmosphere tailored to your needs. It includes a servitor, freed from time’s trappings, that can construct a single item per visit with an item level equal to or less than your precog level; you must provide credits, UPBs, or both equal to the item’s price. Time passes normally both within and outside your temporal shelter. You can exit it at will, returning to the location that you left.