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The Drift Crisis

Source Drift Crisis pg. 43
Through some confluence of conditions, the Drift Crash recalibrated your perception and magic to align with the event’s aftereffects. The Drift’s convulsions might have twisted the space-time of your home world, granting you visions of extraplanar pasts and futures. Perhaps you attained some ineffable insight into the Drift’s origins or what it might one day become. It could be Triune themself has granted you this power, or perhaps some powerful entity damaged by the Drift Crash reached out for a savior and found only your mind.

Focal Paradox: Caster-level checks and initiative checks.
Improved Anchor: You can perceive and exploit moments where reality folds back upon itself, allowing you to step through ephemeral wormholes in space-time as you reach your destination in several leaps. Once per day without spending an action, you can double your speeds until the end of your turn, during which you gain a +4 bonus to your AC against attacks of opportunity. If you run or charge during this turn, you can turn up to 90 degrees once during your movement.
Greater Anchor: Once per day as a reaction, you can recreate a localized Drift Crash of your own to disrupt the motion of a creature that begins its movement within 60 feet of you. After the creature completes its movement, you instantly teleport it to an unoccupied space of your choosing the creature could reach with a move action. You can’t move the creature into an inherently dangerous space, such as a surface that can’t support its weight. An unwilling creature can negate this effect with a successful Reflex save.