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Memory Echoes

SFS Note: The Memory Echoes Greater Anchor can be used once per scenario in Starfinder Society play.
Source Interstellar Species pg. 30
Reincarnation may be rare, but you’re convinced you were once someone from the distant past, perhaps from a planet that has all but fallen out of existence, brought back to help teach something to those in the future. You have flashes of painful memories, perhaps of punishments doled out while living under harsh rule or of having those you love taken away from you by force. Whatever shape these thoughts may take, the power of it fuels your passion to bring that knowledge forth to those around you, working to ensure the past is neither repeated nor forgotten.

Focal Paradox: : Diplomacy and Intimidate. You gain Intimidate as a class skill.
Improved Anchor: To better understand what has happened in the past, sometimes you need to use unconventional methods. Once per a day, you can use a paradox as part of a full action to cast speak with dead or tongues without expending a spell slot, even if these aren’t among your known spells.
Greater Anchor: Even though your perceptions are based on your knowledge of the past, sometimes the best laid plans aren’t enough. However, due to your past-life experiences, you can come up with a better idea. Once per a week as a full action, you can cast any spell from the precog list with a spell level at least one lower than the maximum level you can cast.