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Release the Hounds (Su)

Source Drift Crisis pg. 44
Precog Level Required 14
Manipulating time can attract dangerous attention from the Dimension of Time, but you’ve developed a risky way to redirect this attention as a weapon. As a standard action, you can spend a paradox to disrupt the time signature of a creature within 30 feet (Will negates). Beyond imparting a sense of physical unease, this disruption has no direct effect on the target. However, the effect acts as a beacon for hounds of Tindalos (Alien Archive 3 52). At the end of your next turn, a hound of Tindalos designates your target as its prey, uses its angled entry ability to appear as close as possible to the target, and spends the next hour chasing and attempting to destroy its prey. You don’t control the hound’s actions, and its attitude toward other creatures is indifferent. If the hound’s prey escapes beyond its reach, the hound departs.
At 16th, 18th, and 20th level, the hound you lure becomes more powerful, gaining the following cumulative benefits each time: +3 bonus to all attack rolls, +5 bonus to all damage rolls, +3 bonus to AC, +2 bonus to saves, +30 Hit Points, +3 to all skill and Perception modifiers, and a +2 bonus to all spell and ability save DCs.
When you use this temporal anomaly, you can spend 2 Resolve Points to summon two hounds of Tindalos instead of one, with the second hound appearing 1d4 rounds after the first. When you do so, however, there is a 5% chance you inadvertently attract a thing from beyond time (Alien Archive 3 52) for 1 hour instead of hounds of Tindalos. The thing from beyond time is hostile to both you and your target, and its starting attitude is indifferent to other creatures.