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Source Starfinder #44: Allies Against the Eye pg. 43
You embody the inevitability of a universe slowly but methodically decaying to its ultimate state of total entropy.

Aspect Insight (Ex): You gain Improved Combat Maneuver (disarm) as a bonus feat and a +2 insight bonus to Intimidate checks.

Aspect Embodiment (Ex): Once per combat, when you attack with a combat maneuver, you gain 1 Entropy Point without taking any additional action.

Aspect Catalyst (Su): Each foe within 30 feet must attempt a Fortitude saving throw or contract radiation sickness.

Improved: The frequency of the radiation sickness is now 1/hour.

Aspect Finale (Su): When you score a critical hit with your entropic strike, you can spend 1 Entropy Point to unleash a torrent of entropic energy; if you do, enemies within 15 feet of you take damage as if they’d been hit by your entropic strike (though the damage isn’t doubled for your critical hit).