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Source Drift Crisis pg. 47
You embody the fundamentally random nature of subatomic particles, including their instability, interactions, variations, and the unseen connections between them.

Aspect Insight (Ex): You gain Improved Combat Maneuver (reposition) as a bonus feat and a +2 insight bonus to Bluff checks.

Aspect Embodiment (Ex): Once per combat, when you use a reaction, make an attack of opportunity, move, or are moved when it’s not your turn, you can gain 1 Entropy Point without taking any additional action.

Aspect Catalyst (Su): You transform the area around you on a subatomic level, causing matter to move and bend unpredictably. You create a 15-foot emanation centered on you that functions as difficult terrain for all movement types until the end of your next turn. When this effect ends, the resumption of normal physics causes all creatures in the area to become off-target until the end of your next turn. You’re unaffected by your aspect catalyst.

Improved: When the effect ends, any creature in contact with a floor, wall, or similar solid surface finds themselves momentarily glued to that surface as normal physical laws resume; the creature attempts a Reflex save, becoming entangled for 1 round if it fails. Your allies are unaffected by your aspect catalyst.

Aspect Finale (Su): As a reaction when you are dealt damage by a melee attack, you can spend 1 Entropy Point to rip the matter colliding with you from this plane and send it to another. This deals damage to the weapon that damaged you, or to your attacker if the weapon was a natural or unarmed attack, as if you hit it with your entropic strike.