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Source Tech Revolution pg. 36
You embody the inevitable collapse of advancement to make way for simpler things, making you an agent of the inevitable step back that accompanies every two steps forward.

Aspect Insight (Ex): You gain Improved Combat Maneuver (sunder) and a +2 insight bonus to Survival checks.

Aspect Embodiment (Ex): Once per combat, when you deal damage to an object or creature with the technological subtype, you can gain 1 Entropy Point without taking an additional action.

Aspect Catalyst (Su): Each ally within 30 feet gains your entropic strike class feature (using your vanguard level – 2 to calculate its damage) until the beginning of your next turn.

Improved: Your allies use your vanguard level + 0 to calculate the entropic strike’s damage, and the granted entropic strike gains the penetrating weapon special quality and the corrode (1d8 for every 3 vanguard levels you have) critical hit specialization.

Aspect Finale (Su): You can spend 2 Entropy Points as a reaction to trigger a chain reaction when you deal damage with your entropic strike to an object or creature with the technological subtype. Choose another object or creature with the technological subtype within 30 feet of the first target, and make a second attack with your entropic strike at a –4 penalty. If you hit and can perform additional reactions that turn, you can use another reaction to perform a third attack against a different object or creature with the technological subtype.
You determine line of sight and the range of this attack starting from one corner of the first target’s space. The second attack is treated as an attack in a full attack for the purposes of abilities that reduce the penalties for full attacks.