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Spatial Destruction (Su)

Source Galactic Magic pg. 37
You can briefly destroy space, causing reality to implode and carry you toward your enemy before the universe repairs the damage. When you make an attack with your entropic strike against a creature more than 5 feet away from you, you can move directly toward your target until you’re adjacent to them. You must spend 1 Entropy Point for every 5 feet you move in this way; otherwise, you don’t move. This movement doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity. If there is an obstacle that prevents you from moving through it, such as an enemy creature or grate, you can attempt a melee attack roll to perform a special combat maneuver against that creature’s KAC + 8 or attempt a Strength check against that obstacle’s Strength DC to break. You can spend 1 EP before attempting either check to add your Constitution bonus to your attack or check. If you succeed, you move through the obstacle as though it weren’t there. If you fail, your movement stops adjacent to the obstacle.