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Regenerative Catalyst (Su)

SFS Note: The Regenerative Catalyst discipline can be used once per scenario, not once per week.
Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 85
Once per week, when you would die from massive damage or from having 0 Hit Points and insufficient Resolve Points to stay alive, you can manipulate the natural entropy in the area to begin regenerative healing. This ability requires no action. At the beginning of your next turn, your body and equipment disperse into entropic particles, fly up to 30 feet, and reform, restoring you to life in the process. You reappear upright and wielding any combination of equipment in your possession, and you regain 1 Hit Point, half your Stamina Points, and 1 Resolve Point. You can then act on your turn as normal.
Once per day as a reaction, you can instead spend 5 Resolve Points to use this ability on an adjacent ally when they die under the same conditions. The ally disperses, flies, and reforms at the beginning of their next turn.