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The following represent the most common mystic connections. See page 83 for more information on the connection class feature.


Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 85
You’re linked to the collective knowledge of every sentient species that ever lived that’s held in the Akashic Record, an Astral library of perfect psychic records of every moment in history. You might be an ancient lorekeeper, an inquisitive student of the occult, an intuitive consulting detective, or a secret-hoarding spy.

Associated Deities: Eloritu, Nyarlathotep, Pharasma, Talavet, Triune, Weydan, Yaraesa
Associated Skills: Culture and Mysticism
Spells: 1st - Identify, 2nd - Augury, 3rd - Tongues, 4th - Divination, 5th - Contact Other Plane, 6th - Vision

Akashic Knowledge (Ex) - 1st Level

You gain the channel skill ability at 1st level (instead of 2nd level). Each day when you recover your spell slots, you can tap into the Akashic Record, enabling you to choose one Profession skill and add that to your list of associated skills for the channel skill class feature.

Access Akashic Record (Su) - 3rd Level

You can access the Akashic Record to augment your skills. You can spend 1 Resolve Point to attempt a skill check as if you had ranks in that skill equal to your mystic level.

Peer into the Future (Su) - 6th Level

Once per day, you can spend 10 minutes in uninterrupted meditation to receive visions of possible futures. At any point over the next 24 hours, you can declare that you are using the benefit of this ability before rolling one initiative check, saving throw, or skill check. You gain a +4 insight bonus to that check. At 11th level, you can use this ability twice per day, though you can’t use it again until after you’ve used your first bonus.

Mind Probe (Sp) - 9th Level

You can use mind probe as a spell-like ability a number of times per day equal to your mystic level, lasting for 1 round. A creature that successfully saves against your mind probe is immune to further uses of this ability for 24 hours.

Telepathic Memories (Su) - 12th Level

You can share memories at will with allies linked by your telepathic bond class feature. As a full action, you or a linked ally can send a memory of up to 1 minute to as many others in the bond as they choose. Sending a relevant memory counts as a successful aid another attempt for a skill check, even if you wouldn’t otherwise be able to use aid another (to a limit of one such memory per skill check).

Memory Palace (Su) - 15th Level

You assemble an extradimensional library to house mental constructs representing your accumulated knowledge. This memory palace has a single shimmering entrance. You can access your memory palace once per day; when you do, the entrance appears within close range. If any creatures or objects that were not part of the memory palace when it was created remain inside it, the entrance remains where it first appeared. Only those you designate can enter the memory palace, and the entrance closes and becomes invisible behind you when you enter. Anyone inside can open the entrance and exit the memory palace at will. The only way to enter and exit the memory palace is via the entrance; even plane shift and similar magic do not access it.

You can create any floor plan you desire for your memory palace, up to a number of 10-foot cubes equal to your mystic level. Inside, the atmosphere is clean, fresh, and warm; outside conditions don’t affect the memory palace, nor do conditions inside it pass beyond. There is no furniture other than bookcases, computers, and a few desks and sofas. A number of unseen servants (as per the spell of the same name) equal to half your mystic level serve as librarians. The library keeps the same layout each time you access it, though you can alter its appearance each time you gain a level or by spending 15 minutes concentrating—you don’t need to be inside it to alter it.

When you gain this ability, choose one skill that can be used with the recall knowledge task. Consulting your memory palace gives anyone who studies within—including you—a +4 enhancement bonus to skill checks to recall knowledge of that type, and creatures inside the memory palace can attempt checks of that type untrained. At 16th level, and at each level thereafter, choose another skill that can be used with the recall knowledge task to which your memory palace’s skill bonus applies.

Glean Spell (Su) - 18th Level

Once per day, you can delve into the Akashic Record to cast a spell from either the mystic or technomancer spell list as if it were on your list of spells known. The spell consumes a spell slot 1 level higher than the level of the spell.