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The following represent the most common mystic connections. See page 83 for more information on the connection class feature.


Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 20
You love seeking out new vistas, exploring new horizons, and analyzing new environments. Benevolent trailblazers might travel for the sake of enlightenment, whereas selfish trailblazers exploit the resources and inhabitants of the worlds they discover.

Associated Deities: Desna, Eloritu, Weydan, Yaraesa
Associated Skills: Piloting and Survival
Spells: 1st - scan environment, 2nd - spider climb, 3rd - pinpoint navigation, 4th - control atmosphere, 5th - commune with planet, 6th - plane shift

Biome Bond (Su) - 1st Level

After you spend at least 12 hours in a specific biome, you can spend 10 minutes attuning yourself to that biome to make it your bonded biome; you can spend Resolve points to reduce to reduce the time you must first spend in the biome by 6 hours per Resolve Point. While in your bonded biome, you gain a +2 insight bonus to initiative checks and a +2 resistance bonus to saving throws to resist hazards. You can spend 1 Resolve Point to cast wisp ally as a spell-like ability while in your bonded biome, using your mystic level as your caster level.

Navigation Insight (Ex) - 3rd Level

When using Piloting to navigate or astrogate a course, you treat unfamiliar locations as seldom visited locations and seldom visited locations as frequently visited locations when calculating the DC. Additionally, double your channel skill ability’s insight bonus to Piloting checks when you perform stunts during starship combat.

Tenacious Explorer (Ex) - 6th Level

While in your bonded biome, you’re immune to the effects of severe cold and severe heat, and you can move through difficult terrain as though you had the Nimble Moves feat. When you attempt a saving throw against a hazard in your bonded biome, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to roll the saving throw twice and take the better result.

Swift Travels (Ex) - 9th Level

For every 10 points by which you exceed the Piloting check DC to navigate or astrogate, you can reroll one of the dice used to determine travel time to your destination and use the lower of the two results. When you travel overland in your bonded biome, you treat trackless terrain as though it had a road for the purpose of determining overland movement speed for you, any vehicle you pilot, and up to 10 allies within 60 feet of you. Once per day while in your bonded biome, you can cast haste as a spell-like ability, using your mystic level as your caster level.

Channel Biome (Su) - 12th Level

While in your bonded biome, you can spend 1 Resolve Point as a standard action to channel the biome into a violent blast in a 20-foot-radius burst with a range of 100 feet, dealing 1d6 damage per mystic level (Reflex half).
The damage type or types are based on your biome: airborne: bludgeoning; aquatic: cold and piercing; arctic: cold and sonic; desert: slashing and fire; forest: slashing; marsh: acid; mountain: sonic; other: piercing, acid, or electricity; plains: electricity; space: cold or force; subterranean: acid and bludgeoning; urban: piercing and sonic; weird: force.

Biome Sense (Su) - 15th Level

While in your bonded biome, you gain blindsense (vibration) with a range of 30 feet, creatures gain no bonuses when flanking you, and you take no penalties to Perception checks for being asleep.

One with the Universe (Su) - 18th Level

You can bond with a biome automatically upon entering it, and you can maintain a connection to two bonded biomes at once (although you must still encounter them to do so). You don’t require food or water for sustenance, and you automatically succeed at Survival checks to avoid getting lost.