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The following represent the most common mystic connections. See page 83 for more information on the connection class feature.


Source Starfinder #44: Allies Against the Eye pg. 46
You’re attuned to the cultural ebb and flow of societies, and you understand how thoughts and ideas flourish between people. You might be an educator who spreads knowledge about cultural trends or niche fields; an artist, engineer, or architect whose creations embody cultural values; or a xenophile who immerses yourself in every culture you encounter.

Associated Deities: Abadar, Eloritu, Hylax, Oras, Sangpotshi (philosophy), Talavet, Yaraesa
Associated Skills: Special (below)
Spells: 1st-6th spiritual consultation; replaced by 1st - comprehend customs, 2nd - social reset, 3rd - remembrance, 4th - discern lies, 5th - retrocognition

Embody the Age (Su) - 1st Level

You can attune yourself to the spirit of the modern age or a bygone era, such as the Silent War or Lost Golarion. You gain the channel skill ability at 1st level instead of 2nd level. Each day when you regain your mystic spell slots, choose one of the following zeitgeists to embody: Consumerism (Engineering, earn a living), Enlightenment (identify, recall knowledge), Expansion (Intimidate, Survival), Exploration (Piloting, Survival), Innovation (Computers, Medicine), Patriotism (Athletics, Intimidate), Progress (Culture, Diplomacy), Rebellion (Diplomacy, Intimidate), Tension (Perception, Sense Motive), or Upheaval (Bluff, Stealth). Your channel skill ability applies to the skill or skill task listed in parenthesis for the zeitgeist you’ve chosen. Any skills listed become your associated skills; in the case of a skill task, such as earn a living or recall knowledge, any skill is an associated skill for you as long as you’re attempting the listed task. This benefit lasts until you next regain your mystic spell slots.

Shared Interests (Su) - 3rd Level

Your mastery of the zeitgeist makes you a natural leader, able to persuade others through your cultural expertise. When you attempt the change attitude Diplomacy skill task, you can use any of the associated skills from your zeitgeist (but not a skill task) instead of Diplomacy. In addition, once per day, you can reroll a failed Diplomacy check or an attempt to change attitude.

Resolve of the Age (Su) - 6th Level

Your knowledge of how cultures react to stress allows you to endure hardship. You gain a +2 insight bonus to saving throws against effects with a descriptor associated with the zeitgeist you currently embody: Consumerism (pain), Enlightenment (emotion), Expansion (poison), Exploration (radiation), Innovation (disease), Patriotism (sense-dependent), Progress (curse), Rebellion (compulsion), Tension (charm), Upheaval (language-dependent).

Social Creature (Su) - 9th Level

As you embody the zeitgeist, you excel at various downtime activities (Character Operations Manual 150). You gain the benefits listed on the following page:
  • When you carouse, you can choose another character to carouse with you; that character can’t perform a downtime activity on the day you carouse with them. If you succeed at the Fortitude saving throw required for the carouse activity, both you and the character you’ve chosen gain the benefit; if you fail, only you suffer the penalty.
  • When you perform the entertain downtime activity, you gain the normal benefits for the lounge activity even if you fail to properly entertain all creatures you attempted to entertain.
  • When you explore futures, you can choose two creatures to gain the benefit of this downtime activity instead of only one.
  • You can use the lounge downtime activity in any environment, and you don’t need a comfortable space.
  • When you select a downtime activity, you can also perform the maintain readiness activity at the same time; however, when you do, you don’t gain any of the other benefits listed for this ability for other downtime activities. For example, if you maintain readiness and also perform the lounge activity, you need a comfortable space as described on page 153 of the Character Operations Manual.
  • When you take the practice profession downtime activity, you always gain the +5 bonus to the check for using a profession based on the ability score listed for each area of focus, even if your profession is based on a different ability.

Team Spirit (Su) - 12th Level

Your mastery of the age’s social demands extends to your starship crew. When performing the captain starship crew role, you gain the following benefits:
  • Each starship combat, select one character in your crew; you can grant the benefit of the demand action to that crew member any number of times in the combat instead of only once.
  • You automatically succeed at attempts to encourage.
  • When you succeed at the taunt or moving speech crew actions, the penalty applies to all phases of the starship combat round instead of only one.

Tumultuous Times (Su) - 15th Level

You can embody a different zeitgeist and, adapting to changing times. When you spend 1 Resolve Point and rest for 10 minutes to regain Stamina, you can select a different zeitgeist to embody without waiting until you regain your mystic spell slots.

Dual Zeitgeist (Su) - 18th Level

You can embody the spirit of multiple ages at the same time. Whenever you choose a zeitgeist to embody, select two instead of one. You gain the benefits of both.