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Operative Exploits

You learn your first operative exploit at 2nd level, and an additional exploit every 2 levels thereafter. Operative exploits require you to have a minimum operative level, and they are organized accordingly. Some require you to meet additional prerequisites, such as having other exploits.

Disarming Command (Ex)

Source Tech Revolution pg. 29
Level Required 10
For your debilitating trick, you can attempt to scare your opponent into dropping whatever they’re holding. Attempt an Intimidate check to demoralize a target within 30 feet of you. If you succeed, choose an item the target is holding that would be subject to a standard disarm combat maneuver. The target must succeed at a Will save or fumble that item. A fumbled item isn’t dropped, but the target can’t operate the item without spending a move action to restore its grip on the item, and until the target restores its grip, combat maneuvers made to disarm the fumbled item gain a +5 bonus. If the target fails its Will save by 5 or more, it instead drops the item as if you had disarmed it.
This ability can instead impede a target using a weapon with the integrated weapon special property. Failing the Will save by any amount causes the target to believe your attack damaged the integrated weapon in some way, preventing them from using that weapon for 1d6 rounds. As a move action, the target can check the affected weapon to end this effect.
Once you’ve used this ability against a creature, it becomes immune to your disarming command for 1 hour.