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Alternate Class Features - Operative

Operatives have access to the following alternate class features.

Heavyweight Skirmisher

You dance across battlefields with power and precision.

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You’re an expert innovator who can transform mundane objects into lethal weapons and build functional devices out of junk.

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Magical Assassin (Su)

You can awaken latent magic in your weaponry. Mysticism is a class skill for you.

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You’re a skilled sharpshooter who deals death over vast distances with sniper weapons.

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Spell Thief (Su)

You steal magic from your opponents to empower yourself.

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Marked for Death (Ex)1st Level

You’ve been trained with a particular set of abilities to excel at taking down enemies. Your specialization doesn’t grant you Skill Focus or free skill ranks with its associated skills. Instead, you can mark for death one opponent within 100 feet that you’re aware of as a move action.

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Stunt and Strike (Ex)1st Level

You can perform skillful stunts while going on the offensive. As a full action, you can move up to your speed. Whether or not you moved, you can then make an attack with any weapon you’re wielding and are proficient with, even a weapon with the unwieldy property or that requires a full action to make a single attack.

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Quick Cover (Ex)3rd Level

You can crouch, minimize your profile, and otherwise maximize the cover you gain in an environment without taking the time to go fully prone or move to hide behind larger objects.

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Quick Trick (Ex)3rd Level

You can make a trick attack as a standard action if you do not move as part of that ability. You cannot make any other attack during a round when you do this, and cannot take any action that affects or modifies your attack or the weapon you are attacking with.

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Quick Zero-G Adaptation (Ex)3rd Level

You can quickly and easily adapt to the difficulties of operating in zero-g. You reduce the DC for any check required to move in zero-g by 5. In addition, when you use a move action to push off an object in zero-g, you move at your full land speed instead of at half.

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Operative’s Arsenal (Ex)8th Level

At 8th level, choose one of the following weapon types: advanced melee weapons, longarms, heavy weapons, or any one special weapon of your choice. You gain proficiency with the chosen weapon type (or weapon, if you chose a special weapon). In addition, you can use trick attack with weapons of the chosen type.

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