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Operative Exploits

You learn your first operative exploit at 2nd level, and an additional exploit every 2 levels thereafter. Operative exploits require you to have a minimum operative level, and they are organized accordingly. Some require you to meet additional prerequisites, such as having other exploits.

Explorer’s Lash (Ex)

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 22
Level Required 6
You’re proficient with disintegration lashes (Armory 10), monowhips, plasma lashes, taclashes, and similar one-handed, whip-like advanced melee weapons (at the GM’s discretion). You gain weapon specialization in these weapons as if your class granted proficiency, and you can use trick attack with these weapons. You don’t add trick attack damage to your attack, but the target is still flatfooted, and you can use debilitating tricks. You can choose to deal lethal damage with such weapons if they normally deal nonlethal damage.