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Operative Exploits

You learn your first operative exploit at 2nd level, and an additional exploit every 2 levels thereafter. Operative exploits require you to have a minimum operative level, and they are organized accordingly. Some require you to meet additional prerequisites, such as having other exploits.

Mysterious Informant (Ex)

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 59
Level Required 6
You’ve proven yourself to your benefactor and they trust you enough to provide additional information. You can use the mysterious benefactor to reroll a failed Gather Information or Search check, or add 5 to your result and use the new value to determine whether you succeed at the check. You can spend 1 Resolve Point to contact your benefactor and demand help, allowing you to use mysterious benefactor again even if you haven’t taken a 10-minute rest to recover Stamina Points. You must have the mysterious benefactor exploit to learn this exploit.