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Operative Exploits

You learn your first operative exploit at 2nd level, and an additional exploit every 2 levels thereafter. Operative exploits require you to have a minimum operative level, and they are organized accordingly. Some require you to meet additional prerequisites, such as having other exploits.

Pistol Whip (Ex)

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 150
Level Required 2
You can use a small arm to make a melee attack. Treat this as an attack using <%FEATS%Improved Unarmed Strike%%>Improved Unarmed Strike<%END> (whether or not you have that feat), but the attack is not archaic, deals lethal damage, and has the operative weapon special property. If you have an ability that gives you a special version of <%FEATS%Weapon Specialization%%>Weapon Specialization<%END> that allows you to add 1-1/2 × your level to natural or unarmed attacks as damage (such as vesk natural weapons), you add your level to pistol whip unarmed strikes; otherwise you add half your level as normal for an operative weapon. When you make an unarmed attack, you must decide before making the attack roll whether you are making a normal unarmed attack or using pistol whip to attack with a small arm.