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Alternative Curricula (Su)

Source Starfinder #30: Puppets Without Strings pg. 50
As a move action, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to envision an alternate reality in which you trained differently, took different coursework in school, or just paid more attention in the classes you did take. Choose a skill to acquire; for 1 minute, all the ranks you have in the skill to which your compound sight feature applies, as well as the compound sight feature itself, instead apply to the skill you are acquiring. This skill also becomes a class skill for you, so you receive a trained class skill bonus when making checks with it. However, you have 0 ranks in the skill to which your compound sight usually applies for the duration of this ability.
This effect lasts for 1 minute, though you can dismiss it at any time. If you use this ability to acquire a skill that requires you to make choices—such as Culture, which grants an additional language for every rank— you make those choices when you spend the Resolve Point to activate this ability.