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Swap Ammunition (Su)

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 32
As a standard action, you can pull the ammunition from one weapon and teleport it into another. Select two weapons within 50 feet of you that use the same type of ammunition or batteries. You transfer an amount of the first target’s ammunition to the second target; the ammunition you transfer each time you use this ability can’t exceed your witchwarper level plus your Charisma modifier. This transfer can’t reduce the first weapon’s remaining ammunition to less than 0, nor can it grant the second weapon ammunition that exceeds its maximum capacity. If one or both weapons are in the possession of unwilling creatures, each such creature can attempt a Will save to negate the effect.
This transfer is subtle but noticeable by anyone within reach of either weapon. You can transfer ammunition without it being detected as if using Sleight of Hand to palm an object, though you can use either Mysticism or Sleight of Hand for your skill check to resolve this action.