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Infinite Self (Su)

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 89
You’ve developed a strong connection to certain types of alternate realities whose power you’re able to channel into your body, briefly transforming you into a supernatural version of yourself. When you gain this paradigm shift, choose one of the following variants: Chaoskin, Driftblood, Fiendtouched, Shadowkind, or Storysworn. You can spend 2 Resolve Points as a move action to transform into the chosen variant of yourself for 1 minute. Forms typically provide a defensive ability, grant you the natural weapon universal creature rule, add several spells to your list of spells known, and improve one skill for the duration of the effect.
A form’s natural weapon entry notes whether it’s a ranged of melee attack, as well as its damage, damage type, range, and any weapon special properties. Increase its number of damage dice by 1 for every 3 witchwarper levels you have beyond 8th.
You treat the improved skill as a class skill and gain a number of ranks assigned to that skill equal to your witchwarper level (to a maximum number of skills equal to your level). If the skill already has the maximum number of ranks invested, you instead add this skill to the list of skills modified by your compound sight class ability.
You can gain this paradigm shift multiple times. Each time, you choose an additional form that you can assume, though you can only assume one form at a time when using this paradigm shift.


Your form contorts and grows unpredictable cosmetic features.
Improved Skill: Acrobatics
Natural Weapon (Ranged): Energy bolt (1d6, 40-foot range increment); roll 1d10 to determine the energy bolt’s damage type when you assume this form: acid (1–2), cold (3–4), electricity (5–6), fire (7–8), or sonic (9–10).
Defensive Ability: You gain a +3 circumstance bonus to KAC against bull rush, grapple, reposition, and trip combat maneuvers. As part of your move action to assume this form, you can attempt an Acrobatics check or grapple combat maneuver to escape the grappled or pinned condition.
Additional Abilities: You gain a +2 enhancement bonus to saving throws against petrification and polymorph effects.
Spells Known: shifting surge (1st), reality leap (2nd), and entropic grasp (3rd)


Wires, metallic plates, and brilliant crests envelop part of your body, like that of a spectra.
Improved Skill: Computers
Natural Weapon (Ranged): Energy beam (1d4 C & E, 60-foot range increment) with the line and unwieldy weapon special properties.
Defensive Ability: You gain electricity resistance equal to your witchwarper level, which stacks with one other source of electricity resistance you might have.
Additional Abilities: You gain the void adaptation universal creature rule.
Spells Known: detect tech (1st), make whole (2nd), and irradiate (3rd)


Fearsome features like claws, horns, scales, or wings sprout from your body, making you resemble a demon.
Improved Skill: Intimidate
Natural Weapon (Melee): Claw (1d8 S)
Defensive Ability: You gain fire resistance equal to your witchwarper level, which stacks with one other source of fire resistance you might have.
Additional Abilities: You gain a +2 enhancement bonus to saving throws against poison.
Spells Known: charm person (1st), force blast (2nd), and explosive blast (3rd)


Your body becomes shadowy and indistinct as you awaken powers over light and darkness.
Improved Skill: Stealth
Natural Weapon (Melee): Slam (1d8 B)
Defensive Ability: In any light level other than bright light, you gain concealment.
Additional Abilities: You gain darkvision with a range of 60 feet. If you already have darkvision, its range increase by 30 feet.
Spells Known: wisp ally (1st), mirror image (2nd), and displacement (3rd)


Though your body doesn’t change, your perspective does; you view the world as an omniscient narrator, able to read and dictate important characters’ actions. This form grants no natural attack or defensive ability, instead enhancing your control over summoned creatures.
Improved Skill: Sense Motive
Additional Abilities: You can use infinite self to assume this form without spending an action as part of the 1-round casting time of any summon monster spell, expending 2 Resolve Points as normal. When you summon creatures with summon creature, each creature gains temporary Hit Points equal to 3 × the spell level of the summoning list in which the creature appears. As a move action, you can encourage one of your summoned creatures, granting it a +1 competence bonus to attack rolls, skill checks, saving throws, as well as a +1 bonus to its attacks’ damage for every 3 witchwarper levels you have. Finally, you can discharge probability prediction to reroll either one of your d20 rolls or one of the d20 rolls of one of your summoned creatures.
Spells Known: enduring worlds (1st), parallel form(2nd), and probability prediction (3rd)