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Living Lash (Su)

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 91
As a reaction when you attack and damage a creature with your infinity lash and your attack roll exceeds the target’s armor class by 4 or more, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to animate and let go of your infinity lash, transforming it into a constricting serpent. The lash coils around the target, giving them the entangled condition for 1 round (Reflex negates). At the end of each of the creature’s turns that the lash continues constricting, the creature becomes entangled for an additional round and takes damage as though you had struck them with the infinity lash; a successful Reflex save negates the entangled condition for one round and halves the damage.
The animated infinity lash is a Small construct with the magical subtype. Its EAC and KAC are each equal to 15 + your witchwarper level, and it has a number of Hit Points equal to half your own. If destroyed, the infinity lash disappears, and you cannot create another for 1 minute. If the effect’s duration ends or the creature escapes the infinity lash’s constriction while you are within 30 feet of it and have a free hand, the infinity lash immediately returns to your hand. Otherwise, the infinity lash disappears but can be created again. Once you animate your infinity lash to entangle a creature, that creature becomes immune to your living lash for 24 hours.
You must have the infinity lash alternate class feature to choose this paradigm shift.