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Infinite Worlds / Weird

Weird Toolbox

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 94
See Biome Subsections on page 46 for advice on how to use the following tables.

Weird Inhabitants

5–8AstrazoanCloud ray
9–12Bodysnatcher slimeColour out of space
13–16Bone trooperDeh-nolo
17–20BoraisDemon, pluprex
25–28Cerebric fungusDinosaur, radioactive
29–32ContemplativeFrujai colony
33–36CopaxiGlass serpent
37–40CorpsefolkHerd animal, thermic
45–48Dragon, voidIrokiroi
49–52Entu colonyMagma ooze
53–56Genie, efreetiMi-go
61–64HanakanPlague ooze
65–68HortusProtean, rifti
69–72HulsaPsychic abomination
73–76JinsulQuantum slime
77–80Kami, chinjugamiRobot, mining
81–84Oracle of OrasThermatrod
85–88OrocoranThermophilic ooze
89–92QuorluTroll, void
93–96ShirrenUndead minion
97–100UrogVermin, necropede

Weird Adventure Hooks

D20Adventure Hook
1 Centuries-long volcanic eruptions cease in the course of a single day, and lava worldwide begins to drain back underground in a deafening torrent. Where is all of this molten rock going, and what subterranean realms is it uncovering in its wake?
2 A dead zone blasted to lifelessness millennia ago unexpectedly hides stasis pods or dormant eggs, the last vestiges of a forgotten past. Biologists’ excitement fades to panic when these lifeforms awaken, enraged by their barren environs and intent on destroying all other life.
3 Ghost-haunted ruins have continuously replayed millennia-old, pre-Gap scenes, yet recently, the ghosts began speaking of their experiences with the Drift as if the plane existed in their time.
4 With little warning, tectonic plates have taken flight like spacefaring manta rays, carrying continents on their backs and leaving behind a molten core. Where is this convoy of immense aliens traveling, and what is the fate of those stuck on their backs?
5 An inverted planet, with a molten exterior and a hollow, inhabitable interior, cracks open once every 96 years, allowing traffic for several weeks before closing. The planet has just reopened. What lies within?
6 After disgorging lava for eons, several volcanoes have run dry. Passageways lead deep into the planet’s core, where cooling caverns bear prophetic inscriptions in Ignan warning of an apocalypse “when the halls grow cold.”
7 Slain in an ancient age, an amorphous planet is actually the curled corpse of a dead god. Literal veins of precious metals have long attracted prospectors, yet recent pilgrims have developed inexplicable spellcasting powers. Is the god coming back to life?
8 Tens of thousands of miles long, an immense angler fish beast swims through space, its glowing lure heating its back like a miniature sun. The people living atop its back recently learned how to steer the beast, urging it to gobble up planets in their quest for resources.
9 Rather than seasons, a rocky world experiences phases where rifts open to particular planes. The season of Maelstrom dawns, and the planet seems to be mutating as proteans swarm the surface.
10 Seven planets, each carefully carved with miles-wide runes, orbit a star with clockwork precision. Astronomers predict that all seven will align perfectly later this year, but it’s unclear whether this event might open a portal, trigger a miracle, or something stranger.
11 Five titanic, insectile limbs project from a planet, each bursting through at the beginning of a new age. A deafening tapping has begun under one continent. Is a sixth leg approaching, and does this mean the planet might fully hatch at long last?
12 Nearly a third of a moon’s mass consists of vast servers, processors, and other computers, all whirring busily while tended by robotic minions. It’s clear the moon is calculating something, and more ominously, a large display appears to be counting down to an imminent date.
13 A nearby star emits trace amounts of siccatite, which has accumulated in thick layers on an orbiting world over billions of years. Corporations now clash on the planet’s pyro-taiga to control the mineral rights.
14 The souls of those who die in this biome become comfortable ghosts, never judged by Pharasma. Psychopomp starships patrol the skies to fend off scoundrels who would die here rather than languish in Abaddon. The PCs must brave the blockade to question a dead murderer’s spirit.
15 Flung from its sun eons ago, a rogue planet’s frigid surface encases millions of undead inhabitants. As the planet approaches a new star system, the ice thaws, releasing the undead to pillage nearby worlds.
16 An aberrant world abducts anyone in the galaxy who dreams of its haunted surface. A mysterious holovid circulates widely, showing these landscapes to the unwary, who wake from terrible nightmares to find themselves trapped untold light years from home.
17 Paleontologists uncover countless layers of mass extinctions that occurred like clockwork on a vibrant world, and the evidence suggests another die-off is imminent. They’re desperate to uncover what keeps killing off all life before this unique ecosystem is lost forever.
18 A barely sentient expanse of the Abyss manifested on the Material Plane during the Gap, only to be settled by skittermanders who adore the living planetoid, confusing and calming its demonic instincts. A recent raid by off-worlders has riled the planetoid, threatening its residents and nearby worlds alike.
19 Haunting dreams plague anyone who alights on a lifeless planet, causing visitors to transform into the planet’s long-dead, once-dominant species. Exceptionally strong and smart, they’re operating from a gutted metropolis, hoping to abduct and transform more victims.
20 An immense ring world surrounds a mystic portal through which nothing has ever returned, including those rim inhabitants with fatal curiosity. Suddenly, an explorer missing for millennia emerges from the portal, carrying tales of untold riches and a growing threat on the other side.