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Chaotic Good

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 104
Associated Creatures: azata, copper dragon, dessamar, dirindi, djinni, onkushi, storm giant
Associated Deities: Black Butterfly, Desna, Weydan
Associated Planes: Elysium
Associated Worlds: Daimalko, Gaskar III, Landahl

A chaotic good society is constantly changing, though it remains focused on doing what’s right regardless of the repercussions. It’s flexible, capable of rapidly adapting to changing environments and situations, and willing to break rules for the greater good. Its citizens are fiercely independent, valuing freedom and resenting attempts to control or limit them. As a downside, these societies sometimes overextend themselves or act without acknowledging the full ramifications of their actions.
The society might be a vibrant democracy, a fractured collective of provinces vying for dominance, or an egalitarian community rallying against oppressors. Its citizens might be daring survivors fighting for their lives, activists spreading progressive ideologies, freedom fighters determined to abolish galactic slavery, or innovative intellectuals creating new methods to better their world. Innovators and iconoclasts, like adventurers and explorers, often find themselves welcome in these cultures. Leadership often incorporates many voices, with no one person retaining longterm control. When powerful leaders arise, they’re often charismatic visionaries who lead by example.
These societies uphold accepted values but have few codified laws. Its citizens might condone vigilante justice, solve disputes among themselves, or have courts that pass judgment via popular opinion or democratic vote.
Most citizens in a chaotic good society are confident and outspoken, considering themselves good people living independent lives free from oppression and corruption. They likely consider lawful visitors boring, old-fashioned, and overbearing. They consider neutral visitors in need of encouragement and guidance, and exhibit little restraint when given a chance to offer either. They consider evil visitors in need of reform or punishment and watch them carefully for signs of ill-intent.