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Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 105
Associated Creatures: contemplative, elemental, moonflower, nyssholora, robot
Associated Deities: The Eldest, Eloritu, Ibra, Pharasma, Triune
Associated Planes: The Boneyard, the Drift
Associated Worlds: Arquand, Liavara, Orikolai, Riven Shroud

A neutral society is slow to unite and difficult to sway. Although some are committed to balance, political neutrality, unbiased reason, or other philosophical ideals, most simply exist, expending their energy to carry on or maintain the status quo without any particular inclination to conform or grow toward a specific ideal. Its citizens might prefer good to evil or law to chaos, but they don’t go out of their way to uphold or impose these values. A neutral society’s citizens likely care more for themselves and their families than they do their neighbors or the world at large, and most consider distant or future problems of little consequence unless they pose a tangible threat. Alternatively, a neutral world might be occupied by creatures that act purely on instinct or programmed behavior, such as animals, plants, or constructs.
A neutral society might be a nature preserve, a holographic or illusory construct, a preprogrammed world of golems or robots, a settlement unconcerned with the outside world, or a loose affiliation of farmers who rely on each other for support. Its citizens might be an insular cloister of esoterics contemplating life, a gathering of those trying to survive in a hostile environment, or people just trying to feed their families and care for themselves.
Neutral societies are often natural meeting places and trade hubs, as they’re largely unconcerned with visitors. Many have simple laws based off common sense and the preservation of society. Visitors to a neutral world can disappear easily, making these planets popular among criminals or revolutionaries looking to lay low. Most citizens in a neutral society are self-interested and passive, considering other people’s problems none of their concern. Most consider visitors bossy and nosy, especially on moral matters.